Topics of interests include, but not limited to:




  • gene expression array analysis
  • structure prediction and folding
  • molecular sequence alignment and analysis
  • metabolic pathway analysis
  • RNA and protein folding and structure prediction
  • analysis and visualization of large biological data sets
  • motif detection
  • molecular evolution and phylogenetics
  • systems and synthetic biology
  • modelling, simulation and optimization of biological systems
  • robustness and evolvability of biological networks
  • emergent properties in complex biological systems
  • ecoinformatics and applications to ecological data analysis
  • medical imaging and pattern recognition
  • medical image analysis
  • biomedical data modelling and mining
  • treatment optimisation
  • biomedical model parameterisation
  • brain computer interface

The use of computational intelligence must play a substantial role in submitted papers. Submissions will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will be indexed in IEEE Xplore. Selected papers after a substantial extension will be considered to publish in journal special issues. One Best Paper Award and one Best Student Paper Award will be given.