Executive Committee
Adrian Schwaninger, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Adrian Schwaninger lectures at the University of Zurich since 1999. He is the head of the Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications ( In 2009 he has also become the head of the Institute Human in complex Systems (MikS) at the School of Applied Psychology, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. He is a member of the ECAC Training Task Force, the moderator of the ECAC Technical Task Force TIP Study Group. In 1999 he has received the Young Researcher Award in Psychology. In 2003 he has received the ASI International Award of Excellence in Aviation Security: Enhancement of Human Factors.

Adrian has been a member of the ICCST Executive Committee since 2007, and has attended ICCST conferences since 2004.  He has published many papers in aviation security human factors, cognitive and computational modeling, human-machine interaction, perception and recognition of faces and objects.

Adrian was the Chairman of the 2008 ICCST in Zurich, Switzerland.

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