Executive Committee

The ICCST Executive Committee is a group of volunteers that have been selected from government, academia and industry because of their expertise in the field of security and their long-standing suport of the ICCST. The Executive Committee decides policy issues and plans the conference each year.

Committee members support the conference in many ways, from providing input to annual conference planning, to reviewing and selecting papers for inclusion in the conference, to recruting new attendees and advertising the conference around the world.

To learn more about the committee members, select from the names below.


Mr. Alfonso Bilbao, SPAIN

Mr. Hsia-Ling Chiang, Taiwan, ROC

Mr. William Claycomb, USA

Mr. Ron Clifton, CANADA

Mr. Pu Chang En, ROC

Ms. Virginia Espinosa-Duro, SPAIN

Mr. Miguel Angel Ferrer, SPAIN

Mr. Fabio Garzia, ITALY

Mr. Gene Greneker, USA

Mr. Nigel Grist, AUSTRALIA


Mr. Rick Lazarick, USA

Mr. Juan Yen Pan, Taiwan, ROC

Mr. Daniel A. Pritchard, USA

Mr. Brian G. Rich, CANADA

Mr. Larry Sanson, USA

Mr. Adrian Schwaninger, SWITZERLAND

Mr. Clifton Smith, AUSTRALIA

Mr. Gordon Thomas, UK

Mr. Francisco Vargas, COLOMBIA

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