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Program of the Symposia

UFFC—IEEE Joint Symposia were an excellent platform to show activities deployed within the different working groups.

Sunday, 21 July 2013:Short courses and Tutorials
Monday, 22 July 2013:IUS plenary presentation
Tuesday, 23 July 2013:ISAF–PFM plenary presentation
Wednesday, 24 July 2013:IFCS–EFTF plenary presentation
Monday–Thursday, July 22–25 2013:Oral and poster sessions.

The Advanced Program Book (PDF, 8.5 MB) is available for download. With respect to the printed version, some errors have been corrected. For latest updates and program changes not included in the printed version, please check the Program Updates (PDF).

For details on tutorial sessions, see the Short courses section.


Abstract book is available for download:

IUS Abstract Book (PDF, 36 MB)
ISAF–PFM Abstract Book (PDF, 15 MB)
IFCS–EFTF Abstract Book (PDF, 16 MB)

Daily program

 MON July 22  TUE July 23  WED July 24  THU July 25  
 8:30–10:00 Opening IUS
Awards & Plenary I
Awards & Plenary II
Awards & Plenary III
Session (12)
 10:00–10:30 BreakBreakBreakBreak
 10:30–12:00 Parallel sessionsParallel sessionsParallel sessionsParallel sessions 
 12:00–13:00 LunchLunchLunchLunch
 13:00–14:00 Poster sessionPoster sessionPoster sessionPoster session
 14:00–15:30 Parallel sessionsParallel sessionsParallel sessionsParallel sessions
 15:30–16:30 Poster sessionPoster sessionPoster sessionPoster session
 16:30–18:00 Parallel sessionsParallel sessionsParallel sessionsPlenary IV and round table discussion
 19:00–21:00 Reception   
 20:00–22:30   Banquet 

Plenary sessions

Plenary session I, Monday July 22, 8:30–10:00
Opening, UFFC Achievement Award, Ultrasonics New Fellows, and IUS Awards
IUSSession Chair: Stanislav Emelianov
 Plenary speaker: Peter Burns, University of Toronto, Canada
Cancer and the Acoustic Bubble
Plenary session II, Tuesday July 23, 8:30–10:00
UFFC Distinguished Lecturer Award, Ferroelectrics Awards, ISAF New Fellows
ISAF–PFMSession Chair: Susan Trolier McKinstry
 Plenary speaker: Kenji Uchino, ONR Global-Asia & the Pennsylvania State University USA
Piezoelectric Actuator Renaissance
Plenary session III, Wednesday July 24, 8:30–10:00
Distinguished Service Award, IFCS and EFTF Awards
IFCS–EFTFSession Chair: Warren Walls
 Plenary speaker: Daniel Kleppner, MIT-Harvard Centre for Ultracold Atoms USA
In Praise of the Useless and the Useful: The Creation of Atomic Clocks
Plenary session IV, Thursday July 25, 16:30–15:45
Session Chair: Ahmad Safari
IFCS–EFTF Patrick Gill, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Optical Clocks – Way ahead of their Time?
ISAF–PFM Andreas Schoenecker, Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany
Smart solutions for a sustainable future – advances in smart materials, production technologies and applications
IUSRoman Maev, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
New Generation of High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Technology for Material Characterization and NDT in Advanced Automotive Manufacturing
Round table discussion 15:45–16:00
Patrick Gill, Andreas Schoenecker, Roman Maev

Symposia topics

IUS–Group 1: Medical Ultrasonics

IUS–Group 2: Sensors, NDE & Industrial Applications

IUS–Group 3: Physical Acoustics

IUS–Group 4: Microacoustics – SAW, FBAR, MEMS

IUS–Group 5: Transducers & Transducer Materials

ISAF–PFM Group 1: Fundamentals of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials

ISAF–PFM Group 2: Processing of Ferroelectric Crystals, Ceramics, Thick and Thin Films


ISAF–PFM Group 3: Characterization & Properties of Ferroelectrics

ISAF–PFM Group 4: Applications of Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectrics and Related Materials

IFCS–EFTF Group 1: Materials, Resonators & Resonator Circuits

  1. Fundamental properties of materials
  2. Micro- and macro-fabrication technology for resonators and filters
  3. Theory, design and performance of resonators and filters, including BAW, FBAR, MEMS, NEMS, SAW and others
  4. Reconfigurable frequency control circuits, e.g. arrays or channelizers

IFCS–EFTF Group 2: Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise & Circuit Techniques

  1. Oscillators — BAW, MEMS and SAW
  2. Oscillators – microwave to optical
  3. Heterogeneously integrated miniature oscillators, e.g. single-chip
  4. Synthesizers, multi-resonator oscillators & other circuitry
  5. Noise phenomena and aging
  6. Measurements and specifications
  7. Timing error in digital systems and applications

IFCS–EFTF Group 3: Microwave Frequency Standards

  1. Microwave atomic frequency standards
  2. Atomic clocks for space applications
  3. Miniature and chip-scale atomic clocks and other instrumentation
  4. Atomic interferometers
  5. Fundamental physics, fundamental constants & other applications

IFCS–EFTF Group 4: Sensors & Transducers

  1. Resonant chemical sensors
  2. Resonant physical sensors
  3. Vibratory gyroscopes & magnetometers
  4. BAW, SAW, FBAR and MEMS sensors
  5. Transducers
  6. Sensor instrumentation

IFCS–EFTF Group 5: Timekeeping, Time and Frequency Transfer, GNSS Applications

  1. TAI and time scales, time & frequency transfer and algorithms
  2. Satellite navigation (Galileo, GPS etc.)
  3. Telecommunications network synchronization, RF fiber frequency distribution
  4. All-optical fiber frequency transfer
  5. Optical free-space frequency transfer
  6. Frequency and time distribution and calibration services

IFCS–EFTF Group 6: Optical Frequency Standards and Applications

  1. Optical ion and neutral atom clocks
  2. Optical frequency combs and frequency measurements
  3. Ultrastable laser sources and optical frequency distribution
  4. Ultrastable optical to microwave conversion
  5. Fundamental physics, fundamental constants and other applications