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April-May 2017
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Meetings & Events
Senior Member Applicants Meet References If you are applying to become a Senior Member, but need to find references, then this meeting is for you. This will be your chance to meet with members who are Sennior Member grade or higher, who can serve as your references for your Senior Membership application. Applicants: Please bring at least two copies of your resume with you.
If you are of Senior Member grade or higher, please attend to meet and support Senior Membership Applicants ,  25th May 2017 6:30-8:30 PM   McAllister Room, Bedford Public Library, Bedford, New Hampshire
TechIEEE NH Radio March Panel Discussion was on Technology Issues and their Impact on Individuals and Society. Listen/Download this and/or past broadcasts at WBNH. Join Us For the next Panel Discussion on a Topical Topic/Trend,  20th June 2017 7:00 AM WBNH-LP 105.1 FM.  
Gender Gap In Computing In this Joint meeting with IEEE Computer Society and MTT-S Chapters of New Hampshire, Mihaela Sabin will present her current and on-going research work at UNH,  22nd June 2017 7:00-8:00 PM   UNH Manchester Campus, 88 Commercial Street, Manchester NH.
2017 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference This 3rd annual students initiated conference will be the venue where undergraduate students can meet to present, discuss, and develop solutions to advance technology for humanity. The conference theme is “Meet Innovative Technology". Deadline for Submission of Papers, Posters, Lightning Talks is,  30th June 2017   Conference is November 3-5, 2017 at MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
Member Benefits & Resources
Discounts on Products/Services For IEEE Members Take advantage of exclusive and discounted pricing on laptops, insurance and variety of other products and services.
Free May EBook: Staying Sharp - Volume 2: Tips for Staying Sharp Outside Your Company This latest EBook by Harry Norman examines rapid change and shifting corporate strategies, complacency and how it can can easily threaten an engineering career. Global competitiveness is unforgiving; and if not sharpened regularly, an engineer's skills can obsolesce quickly. A robust engineering career is all about continuing education. Never forget that during your "sharpening" process, the soft skills are just as important as the hard skills -- and that also goes for the people you lead and manage. In today's world, staying sharp outside your company is just as important as staying sharp inside your company. Available For Members: May 1 - June 15. Use Promocode MAYFREE17 for free checkout and download.
IEEE-Elearning for latest course offerings and free E-Books. Some Tips for downloading E-Books.
Please Volunteer  A Request from Ed Nelson IEEE NH Section Chair. Appreciate your helping us out with priority needs and more.
Executive Committee Meeting Summaries from Ed Nelson, IEEE NH Section Chair. April 2017 , May 2017  If you are an IEEE member and would like to attend a future meeting, please contact Section Chair Ed Nelson or Section Secretary Mary Brzezenski.
Editor's Corner
A Request from Sri Raghavan, the NewsLetter Editor. Your time is precious and we want to ensure that these Newsletters serve your needs and expectations. Appreciate your taking a moment to share your thoughts.
Report on IEEE Congressional Visit Days(CVD)  by Sridhar Raghavan and Scott Blackstone who represented our IEEE Section/State at the annual event organized by IEEE USA in Washington D.C on April 25-26, 2017. Also see CVD 2017 Overview and Slide Show compiled by IEEE USA.
IEEE NH Senior Member Robert Zakon Serves as White House Innovation Fellow  IEEE Senior Member and Tech Entrepreneur Robert Zakon, recently completed a year of public service in Washington, D.C. as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow. He served as an advisor on several inter-agency initiatives at the cross section of technology, policy, and innovation in areas such as open data, open science, fintech, digital identity, blockchain, and cybersecurity.
TechIEEE NH Radio If you have a suggestion for a topic or interested in participating in or producing a show please contact Jim Isaak or Ed Nelson, and/or join the Tech IEEE Yahoo group.
NH Tech Talent Partnership Launch  A Special Report from Jim Isaak Industry Liaison for Region 1.
JOBS & Careers
Nationwide Jobs
Computer Jobs 
IEEE Computer Society Launching Upgraded Learning Platform! Expanded Libraries! 3,000+ online courses, 28,000+ books, 36,000+ videos, practice exams, mentorship and access to 20 times as many resource as before. Advance Your Knowledge and Skills in One Cost-Effective, Leading-Edge Byte at a Time.
Communications Society Training Webinars Several Online Courses are scheduled for the coming weeks. Available On-Demand for a Limited Time: Designing the Green Internet; May 24: Wireless for the Internet of Things (IoT); June 7: LTE Fundamentals: The Essentials; June 14: NEW! Beyond LTE: LTE Advanced, LTE Advanced Pro and 5G; June 21: Wireless Positioning and Location Technologies; June 28: High Throughput Satellites;
IEEE Career Alert delivers a free bi-weekly e-mail report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace from IEEE Spectrum. Enjoy Career News, Events and Job Seeker Tools. Subscribe here
IEEE Spectrum Latest Technologies and News Read on for Top Tech News   Court Ruling: The FAA Can't Make You Register Your Drone; Stretchable Electronic Patch for Infants in Clinical Trials; Agile Development Spawns a Lexicon; Researchers Grow Brain Cells on a Chip; Artificial Photosynthesis Moves on From Water Splitting to CO2 Reduction; World's Thinnest Hologram Promises 3D Images on Our Mobile Phones;
Computing Now Trends  May Theme is Automotive Software:The modern car really is becoming a "computer on wheels" as the automobile industry emerges as a powerful force in developing and implementing new technologies. Other Topical Articles:How Technology Allows Your Business To Outsource Without Going Overseas; How Often Are Americans Really Hacked? Why Every Millennial Needs a Mentor in the Tech Industry; Holographic Optical Elements with LED-Based Optics;
IEEE Computer Society Predicts the Future of Tech for 2017 and Next Five Years! Read on: After grading itself on its 2016 vison, IEEE Computer Society has plunged into technology predictions for 2017 and for the next five years by 2022.
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