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December 2020
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IEEE InTech on Breaking News on Moderna and Covid-19: Free to Members  Daily tech breakthroughs are unfolding in response to the current pandemic. IEEE InTech unites international leaders on the front lines of critical research and developments to share their insights and reveal all. Don’t miss this chance to hear breaking news directly firsthand  2-3 December 2020 8:30-6:30 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register for Links
Confront COVID-19 and Climate Change Now   Both COVID-19 and climate change are global and involve temperature increases. If we wait for a crisis, it will be too late. The Stay in Place crisis response to the increase in COVID cases in March brought about great reductions within months. In this session our own Dr. Paul Carr, IEEE Fellow and Lifetime Member, will share insightful observations and trends from his unique vantage.   2 December 2020 7:00 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register for Links
AI: Social, Ethical, Policy And Legal Considerations   This Webinar and Panel Discussion is for the business community, policymakers, attorneys, healthcare providers and other members of the public interested in learning about AI. Each topic will be followed by Q&A opportunities. Panelists are Manuel Woersdoerfer Assistant Professor of Computing and Information Science, UMaine; Leigh Saufley Dean of the University of Maine School of Law; and Jim Isaak Past President of IEEE Computer Society, IEEE NH Section Chair.   Thursday 3 December 2020 12:00-1:00 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register for Links
Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos  There is no denying that most of 2020 has been chaotic and unpredictable. We all have our challenges, from spending our days working virtually in endless Zoom meetings to helping our kids navigate the ever-changing requirements handed down by school districts. On top of the pandemic, we’ve also been through months of political unrest. In this webinar, Speaker Cheryl A. Bond Ed.D., SPHR, Founder & President of Essential Resilience, will share salient insights and principles for how Human mind works and how that understanding may be used to maintain your well-being through these times as well beyond, regardless of circumstances.  3rd December 6:30 - 8:00 pm EST   Virtual Event via Zoom. Register ahead for the link to join the event
Covariate Software Reliability Models and Applications  Traditional software reliability growth models enable quantitative assessment of the software testing process by characterizing defect detection in terms of testing time or effort. However, the majority of these parametric models do not identify specific testing activities underlying defect discovery and thus can only provide general guidance on how to incrementally allocate effort. In this talk, Dr. Lance Fiondella of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth presents a non-homogeneous Poisson process software reliability growth model incorporating covariates based on the discrete Cox proportional hazards model, which explicitly links test activities to defect discovery. For details contact Michael Bannan Chair IEEE New Hampshire Reliability Chapter   Wednesday 8 Dec 2020, 11:00 AM 12 Noon EDT   Virtual Meeting. Register for Links
Member Benefits & Resources
Keep Abreast of Member Benefits Use the new Global Benefits Finder to become aware of all your member benfits tailored to your location, career stage and professional profile.
Member Benefits: Laptop Discounts IEEE Members can save up to 50% off on select DELL Latitude 3400 & 3500 laptops for a limited time! Reach out to Mona_Besleaga or call 800-757-8442.
Call for Volunteers Jim Isaak, Section Chair describes unique opportunities and needs for Member Volunteers for various upcoming programs and activities.
IEEE NH Tech Policy Topics Discussion Group and Events IEEE-USA develops positions related to US policy activities. This includes areas such as privacy, cybersecurity, spectrum allocation, Artificial Intelligence, intellectual property, work force issues. See the full range at: IEEE USA New areas are emerging such as Broadband deployment and access; regulation of high tech, issues surrounding social media such as addiction, collection and use of personal data, application of behaviour science and perhaps AI to persuade individuals into target actions. If topics like these interest you, please join the online group where we will be both announcing related activities, listing relevant resources and carrying on NH based discussions. Events related to this activity are planned for later this year. One when the Broadband access proposal completes the approval process. The second is on "Net Persuasion" -- Recent documentaries such as PBS’s “Hacking Your Mind”and Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” have highlighted the challenges that social media and similar technologies present. These suggest that abuses of our rapidly advancing technology may (and in some cases have) led to polarization, violence, devolution of democracy and civil discourse. The potential of civil unrest, autocratic take-over of democratic societies, ecological disaster, and economic demise are some of the projected impact. Screening of the Social Dilemma and discussion is targeted for the week of Nov. 16th, although members (and other interested persons) are encouraged to view both this and the PBS series before that. Separate events for student groups or other smaller communities are possible as well.
STEM Programs and Resources in New Hampshire This is a comprehensive compilation on pre-college STEM programs and resources available within New Hampshire. Please share these widely in your communities, especially with Parents and Teachers. Special Thanks to our Webmaster Alan Schechter.
Using IEEE Webex Virtual Event Capability Jim Isaak, Section Chair shares his expereince on the first use of the Webex capability in IEEE NH, to leverage Webinars from other regions.
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IEEE Computer Society Launching Upgraded Learning Platform! New courses are being added monthly keeping pace with continually changing technologies that are making the biggest impact on industry and society.
IEEE NH 2020 Officers 
Executive Committee Meeting Summaries from Jim Isaak, IEEE NH Section Chair.
October 2020 Excomm Summaries
If you are an IEEE member and would like to attend a future meeting, please contact Section Chair Jim Isaak or Section Secretary Hayley Feyh.
Editor's Corner
I would like to start a series of articles covering topical news and trends on the Industrial Landscape of New Hampshire for fostering increased awareness and understanding of it within the communities we serve, including the Industries. This is a great opportunity for members and students to contribute articles and/or share blogs from your vantage. I appreciate your Thoughts and Contributions.
Feedback Request from Sri Raghavan, the NewsLetter Editor. Hope these Newsletters are meeting your needs and expectations. Appreciate your Thoughts.
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