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June-July 2018
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Varieties Of Elitism: Possible Relationships Between Humans And Machines This is the first in the RAS 2018 Talks series. The speaker, Dr. Chris Santos-Lang, a colleague and an active member of P7000 working group will share his views on why rather than mass-produce identical machines to emulate the best individual humans, perhaps we should build diverse teams of machines to emulate the best human teams. Chris will present his work on man-machine collaboration models and demo open source code for experimentation. For more details contact Sri Raghavan, RAS Chair Tuesday 24th July 2018 7:15-8:45 PM   This is a Online Webinar Event. See VTools agenda section for how to attend/join the event.
Election for IEEE NH 2019 Officers   Announcement from Ed Nelson, Chair of the Nominations Committee, requesting and encouraging members to consider running for an elected position either at the Section level, or an appropriate Society Chapter of Affinity Group. Use the above link for the list of positions, roles and responsibilities.
IEEE Congressional Visits Day 2018  A Trip Report by Jim Isaak and Robert Zakon who represented NH IEEE Membership at the annual congressional visit days in Washington D.C on May 9, 2018.
IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC)  A Trip Report by Kat Regan,Section Chair and Vice Chair Hayley Fayh who attended the 5th IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC) conference in San Jose, CA. held on May 21, 2018.
Appreciation From West Running Brook Middle School  A Sincere and Heartfelt expression of thanks from Angela Barber, 6-2 Science Teacher, and students of the West Running Brook Middle School, to IEEE NH for funding and support to their Jr. Solar Sprint Project.
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IEEE Computer Society Launching Upgraded Learning Platform! Expanded Libraries! 3,000+ online courses, 28,000+ books, 36,000+ videos, practice exams, mentorship and access to 20 times as many resource as before. Advance Your Knowledge and Skills in One Cost-Effective, Leading-Edge Byte at a Time.
IEEE Communications Society Free Tutorials Complimentary online access to the sponsored FREE Tutorials are available for a limited time.   July 25:Wi-Fi Security ;   August 1: NEW! Satellite Data Communications and VSAT Networks ;   August 8: 5G New Radio, A New Standard and Industry Update ;   August 15: Technical Writing and Presentation for ESL Engineers ;
Executive Committee Meeting Summaries from Kat Reagan, IEEE NH Section Chair. May 2018, June 2018, If you are an IEEE member and would like to attend a future meeting, please contact Section Chair Kat Reagan or Section Secretary Mary Brzezenski.
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Feedback Request from Sri Raghavan, the NewsLetter Editor. Hope these Newsletters are meeting your needs and expectations. Appreciate your sharing Your Thoughts.
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Discounts on Products, Services For IEEE Members Take advantage of exclusive discounted pricing on laptops, insurance and variety of other products and services.
Free Ebook from IEEE USA on Basic Techniques to Reward Employees in Tight Salary Times Through 15th August, IEEE members can download a free copy of this by using promo code JULFREE18 at checkout. This two-volume book series focuses on proven ways to reward employees and motivate and grow them to become highly vaiuable assets of your company.
Free Audio books from IEEE USA on Careeer Topics IEEE-USA has five audio books on various career topics in mp3 format, for your listening pleasure and advancement.
IEEE-USA's New Engineering Coloring Books for Adults Coloring books are no longer just for kids! They have become a full-on trend. People have discovered that they help to lower stress levels, increase focus, and offer a great outlet for personal expression.
IEEE-Elearning for latest course offerings and free E-Books. Some Tips for downloading E-Books.
IEEE Spectrum Latest Technologies and News   New Optimization Algorithm, developed by Harvard University researchers, solves optimization problems exponentially faster than previous algorithms without sacrificing the quality of the resulting solution.  New Anafi Drone from Parrot, is a consumer camera drone with envelope-pushing usability features and capabilities, that consumers demand and expect. .  Nanotechnology makes a Giant Leap forward by manipulating molecules, which had little success so far, though moving atoms has a long history. A team of scientists in Germany has managed to prop up a molecule into a position that it would not naturally assume.   Delivering Stem Cells using Microbots. Researchers typically deliver stem cells via injection needle which can damage healthy tissue, especially when the target is a deep brain structure, or delicate vasculature.   A Hong Kong has invented a new delivery tool using tiny, magnetically-controlled robots that move noninvasively through the body to deliver their stem cell cargo to target sites. 
Computing Now Trends      Facebook's New Ranking Algorithm. Facebook News Feeds will now focus on the sharing of and commenting on, of content by individual users and their friends. The losers will be Big Media whose newsy posts will drop in ranking unless audiences engage it.   A Massive Repository Of Information To Help Researchers Worldwide Organize, Explore, And Share. DataCenterHub is the solution developed by researchers from Purdue and Nebraska Universities that focusses on housing research data from countless disciplines, from the humanities to science to computers and engineering, that eases comprehensive, seamless search and application of big data techniques. See an interactive demo of how DataCenterHub uses multidisciplinary data from the Nepal Earthquake of 2015 .   Amazon, Its Algorithms And Innovations. Behind Amazon's success is its recommendation algorithm which is like no other. Their algorithms have spread over most of the Web, helping people find products to purchase, videos to watch, or news to read etc. pushing the envelopes for diversity and discovery, recency, time-sensitive or sequential items, and many other aspects. Read more for insights, summaries and links to key articles. Voice Technology: Astounding Or Unsettling? Voice assistants have created an entire family of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Pepper, Watson. The ever-growing promise of voice interfaces was demonstrated by Google with its Duplex, an AI-driven voice assistant so lifelike and sophisticated, that some found it astounding while others deemed it unsettling and wondered if a new era of robocall abuse has just dawned.
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