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June 2021
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Conformal Coatings- Application & Best Practice Optical Microscopy Inspection Methods   High reliability electronic assemblies and sub-systems require protection from the effects of moisture and corrosive contaminants that are ever present in the environment by which they are expected to perform. Methods to protect critical electronics include sealed dry nitrogen filled shelters, enclosure environment control (humidity & temperature) and the use of various conformal coating chemistries. While conformal coatings do NOT provide a hermetic seal from the environment, they are utilized to provide a hydrophobic moisture barrier that significantly reduces moisture absorption over time. Aaron C. DerMarderosian will provide an overview of conformal coatings – their characteristics advantages and challenges of their practice.   9 Jun 2021, 11:00-12:00 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register for Links
Physical Layer Reliability Considerations for Air-Ground and Air-Air Networking   On a typical day, over 100,000 aircraft take flight across the world. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts over 500,000 registered UAVs (or, drones) in 2021, and continued growth is expected. In this Distinguished Lecture Prof. David Matolak will provide an overview of the complexities and challenges of tackling this problem, discuss various approaches that are being purused across many research and government organizations, and share some simulation results   16 June 2021 7:00-8:30 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register
EVONCAMPUS 1.0  This is the first of a 3-part IEEE USA series event that will give recent grads, college students and other career-minded professionals insights into the tech trends and pathways that will lead them to challenging and fulfilling careers. IEEE Members in the United States who attend are eligible to earn three professional development hours.   16 June 2021 1:00-4:00 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register
Fast Solvers For Electromagnetics-Based Analysis And Design Of Integrated Circuits And Systems   The design of advanced integrated circuits and microsystems from zero to terahertz frequencies calls for fast and accurate electromagnetics-based modeling and simulation. In this talk, Prof. Dan Jiao will present recent advances in fast solvers to tackle these challenges.   21 June 21, 11:00 AM -12:00 PM EDT   Virtual Event Registration is Required.
Presentation And Tour Of Revision Energy  ReVision Energy, an employee-owned New England solar company, will provide a video tour of their facility, followed by a live question and answer session with the company’s co-founder Mr. Mueller. This is Hosted by IEEE Maine Section and IEEE Maine PES/IAS Joint Chapter.   24 June 2021 12:00-1:00 PM EDT   Virtual Event. Register for Links
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IEEE NH Tech Policy Topics Discussion Group and Events IEEE-USA develops positions related to US policy activities. This includes areas such as privacy, cybersecurity, spectrum allocation, Artificial Intelligence, intellectual property, work force issues. See the full range at: IEEE USA New areas are emerging such as Broadband deployment and access; regulation of high tech, issues surrounding social media such as addiction, collection and use of personal data, application of behaviour science and perhaps AI to persuade individuals into target actions. If topics like these interest you, please join the online group where we will be both announcing related activities, listing relevant resources and carrying on NH based discussions. Events related to this activity are planned for later this year.
Post-Pandemic Community Touch-Reach Events Planning Sectrion Chair has set up a discussion group at the above link for ideation, planning and giving shape to IEEE NH Community Reach Events. We are in the very early stages and exploring ideas like Community Exchange of Technology Products (working and unused), Geek Desk for answering popular questions most households have, and Tutorials and Bootcamp events on Technical Topics and Hobbies of interests. Please join the discussions, follow, and contribute to shape the ideas. For questions Contact.
STEM Programs and Resources in New Hampshire This is a comprehensive compilation on pre-college STEM programs and resources available within New Hampshire. Please share these widely in your communities, especially with Parents and Teachers. Special Thanks to our Webmaster Alan Schechter.
Call for Volunteers Jim Isaak, Section Chair describes unique opportunities and needs for Member Volunteers for various upcoming programs and activities.
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Editor's Corner
I would like to start a series of articles covering topical news and trends on the Industrial Landscape of New Hampshire for fostering increased awareness and understanding of it within the communities we serve, including the Industries. This is a great opportunity for members and students to contribute articles and/or share blogs from your vantage. I appreciate your Thoughts and Contributions.
Feedback Request from Sri Raghavan, the NewsLetter Editor. Hope these Newsletters are meeting your needs and expectations. Appreciate your Thoughts.
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