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IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Technical Activities

CE Society, Bangalore

Advanced Graphics Workshop 2017 (GFX2017)

The IEEE Consumer Electronics (CE) society has conducted the GFX series of Advanced Graphics workshops in Bangalore since 2011, and has focused on high quality hands-on lab-oriented delivery of content, benefiting professionals working in the fields of UI/Graphics frameworks, Game development, and Graphics Driver development.

GFX2017, the sixth session of the workshop will have the below theme:

"OpenGL for Graphics Development - Theory to Practice"

The workshop will cover the theory behind the Khronos OpenGL specifications, the API and usage of these APIs for 3D rendering and visualisation. This will be conducted by Industry experts, and will provide registrants with an opportunity to work on hands-on projects.

This is targeted towards industry professionals who are working or aspiring to work in the exciting areas of 3D Graphics Frameworks, 3D modelling, Visualisation and related fields.

Date: April 29th, 2017
Duration: 1 day
Workshop Fee: INR 5800 - including lunch, Hands-on material access
Venue: Hotel Citrus, Bangalore

Introduction to Khronos
Mr. Kumar Katragadda, Samsung Research Institute Bangalore, and Bangalore Chapter Leader, Khronos
Welcome note
Mr. Prabindh Sundareson
Combined Theory and Hands-on sessions
Mr. Praveen K, Nvidia Graphics
Mr. Venu Madumbu - Nvidia Graphics

Topics covered
OpenGL setup, Fixed and Programmable pipelines, Vertices and Transformations, Texturing, Blending, 3D Model Loading, Lighting, Advanced Mapping techniques.

All sessions will involve coding an OpenGL program with explanations. Participants are expected to have knowledge of fundamental programming concepts with a language like C.

Please indicate your interest in participating in this workshop using below form, and click submit.

Seats are limited, and require prior registration to attend.

Reports of the previously held GFX events are available - 2011, 2012, and 2013 2014 2015

Form available online here.

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