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IEEE Technology Management Council, Bangalore Chapter

The IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC) provides access to management theory and practice for technology managers and technology professionals to help them perform their job better and to advance their careers. The IEEE publications, Engineering Management Review and Transactions on Engineering Management provide sources of information to bring you up to date on management issues. The IEEE conferences, website, and virtual community offer timely information related to achieving a successful career as a manager or technology professional.

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Vision: Technology professionals excelling in leadership positions.

Mission: To become the preferred resource for technology professionals pursuing excellence in management of innovation, business, and entrepreneurship.

Value Proposition: Enabling technology professionals and managers to optimize their career opportunities and organizational effectiveness.

Goals :The TMC has several goals:

  • Provide information for advancing the careers of technology and innovation managers,
  • Reach out to technology professionals who consider transitioning to management, and
  • Provide technology professionals with an understanding of management issues.

Field of Interest: The field of interest of the Council encompasses the management sciences and practices applicable to individuals engaged in or overseeing the management of electrical and electronics engineering, related technologies and their arts and sciences, innovation, and strategy in a global environment.

Chapter Activities

The Bangalore chapter of TMC has been active for over two years and has strived to create an awareness amongst the Bangalore section professionals about the challenges of technology management and the need to approach it systematically. The first step was to reach out to the professional audience and get their attention and participation through activities such as invited talks, news letter etc. The newsletter (eZine) was appreciated by the community and other chapters have shown interest in starting similar newsletters.

The Chapter has the following activties planned for the current year:

1. Guest lectures on innovative approaches to technology management
2. Quarterly newsletter with articles on technology management
3. Hold Theme based workshops

These lectures and articles are either on new practices and applications, or tutorials and case studies on established practices. Towards these objectives, the chapter invites prominent managers, business leaders and technical gurus to talk at our forum and publish articles in our newsletter, and share their insights with our members.

For more information, please visit IEEE TMC ( or TMC Bangalore (

Ashok Bhattacharya, Chair, TMC Bangalore Chapter 2011-13,
Dr. Raj Mitra, Treasurer,
Sreekanth Tadipatri, Secretary,
Dr. Raj Mitra, Vice Chair (Lecture Series),
Dr. Jayatheerta, Vice Chair(Newsletter),
Sabyasachi Dey, Vice-Chair (Events),
Siva Moorthy, Vice-Chair (Collaboration),

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