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John A. Hoschette
   Technical Director,Lockheed Martin MS2 Tactical Systems, Eagan, MN

Future embedded real time processors jet fighter mission computers

December 7, 2009 :: 12:00 - 1:00 pm


 High speed mission computing onboard a modern fighter aircraft is done by the mission computer. The mission computer is networked with the avionics subsystems to aid the pilot in mission planning, mission execution and workload management. As the brains of this linked and integrated avionics system, the mission computer must support a multi-mission aircraft with instantly changing needs to provide the pilot the best situational awareness possible. To accomplish this, the mission computer requires high speed throughput, modularity, and an open architecture of embedded real time processors to meet the extreme and ever changing processing demands of modern fighter aircraft.
 In this keynote John will address the driving factors and key technologies for embedded real time processors for future integrated modular avionics of a jet fighter mission computer. The future of jet aircraft mission computers centers on modular, optically networked embedded processors using multi-core technology based on a standard format card and chassis.


   John Hoschette is a Technical Director with Lockheed Martin in Eagan, Minnesota working in the Tactical Avionics group. His work encompasses developing the next generation of super mission computers for the F-35, F-16 and F-22 jet fighter aircraft. His area of technical expertise is optical data networking. Over the past 34 years John's career has covered such areas as developing infrared sensors for night vision, laser sensors for weapons, helmet mounted displays and optical fiber channel networks. John has been employed by Honeywell, Northrop, Alliant Tech Systems and Loral spanning from the east to west coast.
   John holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Minnesota as well as a Business Administration Certificate. John has been an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University and the Gordon Institute of Tufts University for almost a decade. John is a senior member of IEEE and has held such positions as the Vice Chair of the Career Maintenance and Development Committee under IEEE-USA.
   John has published over 60 papers dealing with both technical matters and engineering careers He is author of the book "Career Advancement and Survival for Engineers" and soon to be published new book entitled "The Engineer's Career Guide".


 Sponsored by IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society


 The meeting will be held in the MPR Conference room at the Lockheed Martin Corporation, 3333 Polot Knob Road, in Eagan