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The Consultants Network encourages all interested parties to attend its meetings, including those who are not (or not yet) IEEE members. Consultants Network membership is free of charge and open to all meeting attendees.

Members may list their names, brief descriptions, and links to their Web sites below. Officers are listed below by position followed by other members listed alphabetically by last name.

To add, modify, or remove a listing, please contact the group's webmaster.

IEEE Central Texas Consultants Network Members
Luis Basto SoC, DSP and VLSI chip design, specializing in the area of Design for Testability.
Vice Chairman/Treasurer:
Jody Everett SoC, DSP and VLSI chip design/verification/emulation, specializing in the field of digital audio integrated circuits. Past Chairman of IEEE CTCN.
Bill Martino Semiconductor memory design specialist with over 42 years of experience designing circuits, leading projects, and managing departments. Direct experience includes SRAMs, DRAMs, and MRAMs. Past Chairman of IEEE CTCN.
Program Manager/Membership Chair:
Member At Large:
Sergio Liberman SoC, DSP and VLSI system and chip architecture, digital audio system design for consumer, professional and automotive applications.
Member At Large:
Kai Wong
QSC Consulting
technology product & international business development, esp. in electronics and semiconductors; President of QSC Consulting. Past Chairman of IEEE CTCN.
Name Background, Interests and Specialties
Bob Ascott management, marketing, leadership, Lotus Notes, personnel, strategic planning, facilitation
T. Scott Atkinson telecommunications, networks, recovery, switches, vulnerabilities, planning, capacity, business
Bob Baker Veteran of Austin's high-tech electronics manufacturing industry performing in process engineering, engineering management, project management, and business management roles. Experience with telecommunications, energy, aerospace & defense, semiconductor, and computer products. Currently pursuing Business Process Improvement projects.
Dave Baron Electromagnetic Field Safety: EMF Measurements (DC 40 GHz), Training, Standards Compliance, Workplace Evaluation, Employee Awareness, Hazard Analysis, RF Safety Programs.
Richard S. Bean software, Unix, RTOS, firmware, microcontrollers, documentation, SEI_CMM, reliability, communication
Gregory E. Beers R&D, technology, circuits, applications, testing
Barry Z. Biglari Design, specification, implementation, integration and documentation of building systems
Robert Bonsen antennas, compliance, EMF, measurements, simulation, radio frequency, R&D, telecommunications
Jim Brakefield  
F.W. Breyfogle Six Sigma, SPC, DOE, MVT, reliability, capability, improvements, re-engineering
Andrew Cahoon
Clarum Group
Entrepreneur with process improvement skills, background in high tech (Microprocessor design, SOC design, VLSI CAD Software, Supercomputer Design)
John Carlsen
Syncopated Systems
system architecture, application software, cross-platform software dev't, in-circuit emulators, instruments, controls, interfaces, line & portable/battery power systems, PCBs, PLD design/prog'g/test, computer multimedia/video games, databases, data comm., tech. & Web pub's
Owen R. Coon specification, design, implementation, integration, testing, Vxworks, custom kernel, X-Windows, Unix, VMS, Visual C++, Gnu C++, C, assembly, Java, Fortran, PPC, X86, 8085, 8051, M680xx, Mil-Std 1750, PCI, FPGA, Mil-Std 1553, VME
Jim Crutcher data communications, telecommunications, software, distributed systems, network management
Adrian B. Early signal processing, communications, instrumentation, device, circuit, system
O.M. Friedrich electrical, electronics, optical, lasers, RF, microwave, analog, digital, instrumentation, R&D
Edward Gordon Edward Gordon has been in the software industry for 35 years, dealing with development lifecycle issues and technology transfer for companies such as Burroughs, Racal, Wang Labs, AT&T Bell Labs, Eaton Semiconductor, General Dynamics, SAIC and the Pentagon. He has migrated from Assembler to C, C++ and UML, specializing in UNIX/LINUX and CORBA portability issues. He has worked with the IEEE-USA in lobbying Congress for funds for research, and is now a Senior Member of the IEEE. He worked with the Boston CN in the late 80s.
John Griessen FPGA, IC logic design, layout, mechanisms, 3-D concept models, metal fab., machining, multiprocessor networked systems and programs for automation
John Hoffner energy engineering, renewable energy, solar electric, wind and energy conservation analysis
M.C. Huffstutler physics, life sciences, electrical/mechanical engineering, marketing, planning, operations, communications
Robert (Bob) D. Hunter, P.E. standards and certification, management and training in regulatory compliance, specializing in product safety, EMC, laboratory accreditation, expert witness in product safety
Lester Johnson Computer hardware design engineering of systems and peripherals including chip design, regulatory compliance, cost reduction, test and reliability.
Dale Jarmush project assessment, engineering, PCB design, materials procurement, manufacturing, distribution
Curt Karnstedt
IC Fusion
analog mixed-signal IC design, analog signal processing, data converters, amplifiers, voltage references, and system level modeling and design
Bill Kelley database, SQL, Internet, Web, Perl, C, C++, Oracle, Informix, Datablade
D.G. Kilpatrick telemedicine, power, HVAC, NFPA, UL, TX, expert witness, acceptance, tests, spec's, design, EMC, FCC
Yue Kuo 40 years (20 years in IBM, Silicon Valley, etc. and 20 years endowed professor) IC and TFT production and R&D experience on Processes, Materials, Devices, Thin Films, Plasma Processes; expert witness, consultant, and program reviewer for international companies; numerous solid state awards; work important impact to industry.
J.J. Mercier commercial, industrial, institutional lighting & power, traffic signals design, roadway illumination
T.E. Ortman semiconductor, CAD, manufacturing, mechanical, packaging, drafting, design
Heinrich Otters antennas, RF, telecomm, tnstrumentation, microcontrollers, software, translations
Subhankar Ray wireless Web, GSM, GPRS, Palm OS, Windows CE, EPOC, LINUX, H.323, TCP/IP
Kenny Rice  
L.O. Richardson analog, FPGA, DSP, FEA, digital, thermal, stress, HV
Michael Robertson AC & DC Power electronics, SMPS, inverters, motor drives, all topolgies, low voltage to 1500VDC, AC 250VA to 450kVA, EMI compliance/certification
George Romaniuk embedded systems with Linux, OMAP, PowerPC, DSP, hardware software integration, from specification to production
Dr. Robert B. Rowen, Ph.D. management consulting services, business process analysis & re-engineering, workshop facilitation, Mind Map training
Daniel Sangines Power distribution/Telecommunications
J.R. Satterwhite analog, digital, LF-antennas, GPS, LF-RF, software, microcontrollers, systems, LF-RFID
R.B. Schroer air traffic management, aerospace GN&C, radar, comm., airborne/ground systems H/W-S/W, requirements/studies/analyses, technical writing
Bryan James Smith power electronics design & prototype, magnetics design & prototype, pre-comliance design review, PCB design
Robert (Bob) Spiegel design, development, instrumentation, controls, automation, management, conservation, Web sites
Joe Sypniewski wireless, digital, DSP, IP, software, communications, instrumentation, simulation
Larry Thomas
ePrognostic Systems

Bill Thorpe electronic, manufacturing, semiconductors, quality, reliability, failure analysis, training
Brian Trotter Patent strategy, portfolio analysis and analytics, IP consulting. Registered Patent Agent with 20+ yrs in mixed-signal IC design.
Jim Trulove wireless LAN design, data networking design, voice over IP (VoIP) networking, business development and product marketing
Chris Walton Over ten years experience supporting developers of databases, protocol stacks, UNIX kernels, network processors and packet voice technology
Darrell R. Word
D.R. Word Associates
R&D, analog, digital, control, DSP, RF, EMF, telecommunications, microcontrollers, geophysics

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