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Topic:       Click Quality: Ensuring Value for Growing Online Market
Speaker:   Tom Cuthbert, President & Founder, ClickForensics.
Date:         19th March 2009
Time:         6.30PM - 8.00PM
Venue:      AT&T Labs, 9505 Arboretum Blvd, Austin, TX  78759
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RSVP:       Saurabh Sureka -

Talk Abstract:
The problem of click quality and click fraud in the popular pay-per-click advertising medium has gained widespread attention as one of the biggest threats to online search advertising's future. Advertising in ad networks and on publisher sites is growing faster than any other segment in the search market. This growth coupled with the rise in cybercrime during a recession means that click quality issues are only expected to increase for both advertisers and publishers. Furthermore, the complexities involved in
monitoring these widely disparate networks will expand significantly.

Highlights of the talk include :

 *   How publishers, ad networks and advertisers can better identify click fraud and poor quality traffic and stop it from impacting campaigns
 *   The latest industry data on the click fraud rates on content and ad networks.
 *   An overview of new click fraud trends and what publishers, ad networks and advertisers can do to protect themselves and improve quality.

Speaker Profile:
Tom Cuthbert is a leading industry voice in battle against online advertising fraud. He has spoken on the topics of online advertising fraud, search advertising, analytics and click fraud at top industry events,
including ad:tech, Web 2.0 Summit and the Search Engine Strategies conference. He has also appeared as a click fraud industry expert on CNBC and Bloomberg television. Tom is frequently tapped by leading newspapers and magazines and his views on click fraud have appeared in the Wall Street
Journal, BusinessWeek, Red Herring, Financial Times and Associated Press. As a key member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Click Measurement Working Group, Tom is working with Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and top advertisers to develop the industry's first click fraud measurement
standards. He also founded the Click Quality Council, which represents more than 40 leading advertisers who work together to provide advertiser input into the development of industry click quality measurement standards.