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2011 Chapter Officers

Chapter Chairman

Fawzi Behmann

Vice Chair &

Saurabh Sureka

Vice Chair & MDO 

Hanan Potash


Frances Freeman


Tim Raper


Behrang Nosrat-Makouei


Thomas Novlan


Mahdy Saedy


Raghu Rao


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Fawzi Behmann (Chapter Chairman and Membership Development)

Fawzi Behmann has over 30 years experience in telecommunications and data communications. His roles have included product management, marketing leadership, program management, and software development.  Currently, Fawzi is Director of Marketing & Strategic Advisor at  As the Director of Marketing & Strategic Advisor, Fawzi coordinate work with Technical, Marketing and Operations committees, develop 3-year strategic plan. Key areas of focus include streamlining the governance model to increase business results, and technical and business initiatives fostering collaborative innovation. Fawzi organized several local and international technical webinars & conferences. Fawzi drives membership development, energizes collaboration with developers & academia and facilitates business collaboration. Prior to, Fawzi was the Director of Strategic Marketing with Motorola/Freescale and he was also the chair of the marketing committee of, advancing Power Architecture roadmap, technology and ecosystems. Prior to Motorola/Freescale, he was senior product manager at Nortel Networks.  He has also been a project leader and program director at a global service provider, leading software development for a system based on computer networks for real-time monitoring and control for telecom traffic and services. He participated in the development of ITU M.3000 standards for Telecom Management Networks. Fawzi has written and published several white papers, and was presenter and keynote speaker at several conferences. Fawzi holds B.SC, Master in Computer Science and Executive MBA.

Fawzi is a currently the Chair of IEEE COMSOC/SP Austin Chapter and board members with Austin SPIN and

Saurabh Sureka (Vice Chair & Secretary)

Saurabh Sureka is associated with the IEEE from over 10 years in various roles. His experience and expertise is in product engineering, software development, and product marketing. He has worked with several companies, dabbled with a couple of successfull start-ups in RFID mobile applications, network/storage convergence. He has served as the Publications Chair of HIVE conference and has invited several well-known speakers to talk at ComSoc-SP events in Austin. He has a MS in EE from UTA and has presented his research on Neural Networks at several conferences.

Hanan Potash (Vice Chair & Special Events)

Dr. Hanan Potash has a forty-year career as an executive and computer and networks architect in computer pipelining, CAD and high performance digital networks. Received the Burroughs 1982 technology award for packet switching protocols. Ground breaking contributions are the highly cited patents including computer branch prediction, basic data discrimination circuits used throughout communication and magnetic recording industry, and a CMOS technology that combined ROM as a layered structure in chip fabrication. Held Vice Present of Engineering  positions at a variety of companies and served as Director of Architecture at Burroughs/Unisys.  Recived his Ph.D degree with distiction at UCLA. Served as IEEE ComSoc/SP chair and was responsible for the IEEE Wireless Hive conference. Has over 20 issued US patents.

Tim Raper (Community Communications)

Tim Raper received his BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. His industry experience includes work with three large corporations and two start-up environments including Standard Micro Systems Corporation (SMSC), OASIS SiliconSystems, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Alchemy Semiconductor, and Delphi Electronics. His recent industry focus has been on the development and implementation of strategic planning, technical product marketing, life cycle management, and business partnerships for semiconductors and IP product portfolios within the high reliability segments of automotive, industrial, networking, telecommunications, and multimedia applications.

Mahdy Saedy (Technical Program)

Mahdy Saedy, Ph.D. Candidate, received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran in 1999. He attended IUST (Iran University of Science and Technology ) in Tehran, Iran to complete his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Communications and graduated in 2002. During his Masters’ he worked as GSM Engineer for two years. He then joined MicroModje Industries Company, which was active in in telecomm projects as Wireless Communications Technical Manager. With his experience in telecomm, he joined Ericsson Company as Technical Solution Manager mainly for 2G and 3G projects. In 2009, he attended The University of Texas at San Antonio for Ph.D. degree and has been active in research since then. His focus is 4G/LTE, Cooperative and Cognitive Communications, Security and Complex Networks.


Frances Freeman (Treasurer)


Thomas Novlan (Webmaster)

Thomas D. Novlan is a PhD student at UT Austin working on intercell interference coordination techniques and heterogeneous networks. He completed his B.S. with High Honors and M.S. in Electrical Engineering at UT Austin in 2007 and 2009 respectively, where he conducted undergraduate research in WNCG on WiMAX systems and the 802.16j multihop extension in particular. He was a 2006 participant in the NSF Eureca summer research program and is a recipient of the Virginia and Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Fellowship. He has held summer intern positions at Qualcomm, Intel, and AT&T Labs.


Behrang Nosrat-Makouei (University Outreach)


Raghu Rao (Industry Outreach)

Raghu Mysore Rao is a Principal Engineer and System Architect with the Wireless and Signal Processing Group, Xilinx Inc. working on digital communication algorithms and architectures for FPGA implementation, in particular MIMO and OFDM systems such as 3GPP-LTE and WiMax. He is an IEEE senior member. He has a Ph.D. in wireless communications from UCLA. Prior to his Ph.D. he was with Texas Instruments, India developing EDA algorithms for FPGAs and later with Exemplar Logic Inc., initially working on timing analysis and timing optimization algorithms and then as a Director of Engineering responsible for all product development. In 1999 he joined UCLA to pursue a Ph.D. degree in wireless communications. His interests are in digital communication and signal processing algorithms and architectures for their efficient implementation on FPGAs.

Past Officers

    2010      Hanan Potash, Saurabh Sureka, Frances Freeman, Rahul Mehta, Raghu Rao

    2009      Hanan Potash, Steve Crowl, Frances Freeman, Saurabh Sureka, Rahul Mehta, Shayantani Pal

    2008      Hanan Potash, Steve Crowl, Frances Freeman, Saurabh Sureka

    2007      Hanan Potash, Rick Talbot, Steve Crowl, Leon Turner

    2006      Hanan Potash, Rick Talbot, Steve Crowl, Brandon Imboden

    2005      Howard Headrick, Peter Anzalone, Rick Talbot, Brandon Imboden

    2004      Howard Headrick, Brandon Imboden, Hanan Potash, Rick Talbot

    2003      Howard Headrick, Booker Tyrone, Gary McMillian, Paul Kaschube, Mark Brockman
    2002      Howard Headrick, Booker Tyrone, Gary McMillian, Paul Kaschube, Mark Brockman
    2001      Howard Headrick, Booker Tyrone, Gary McMillian, Paul Kaschube, Mark Brockman
    2000      Howard Headrick, Booker Tyrone, Gary McMillian, Paul Kaschube, Mark Brockman
    1999      Les Johnson, Clif Denny, T. Scott Atkinson
    1998      Clif Denny, Les Johnson, T. Scott Atkinson
    1997      T. Scott Atkinson, Clif Denny, Les Johnson