Denver Signal Processing Society

Senior Project Funding Competition

Project proposals were received from Colorado State University.

Congratulations to our 2010 winner!

Colorado State University - TUX 2, A Balancing Wheelchair

** Final Report **

Team members:

Jonathon Cox



The Tux project is an attempt to solve the common problem of mobility for paraplegic and quadriplegic people by designing a new and innovative wheelchair. The new design uses inexpensive parts and sensors to allow the base to only require two wheels, similar to a Segway Personal Transporter. Because only two wheels are necessary and the wheelchair is actively stabilized, the base can be substantially reduced in size and the maneuverability therefore greatly improved. Another benefit of the design is the ability to let the passenger ride in a standing position supported by a restraint system. This solves one of the biggest complaints of wheelchair bound people which is the inability to make eye to eye contact during a conversation. The project is currently in the third prototype stage with the goal of being fully operational by the end of April. More information, pictures and videos of the project can be found at