Denver Signal Processing Society

Senior Project Funding Competition

In 2008, the Denver Signal Processing Society Chapter decided to create a competitive funding opportunity for undergraduate electrical engineering majors working on their senior projects. In early December, letters were sent to 7 universities in the Denver Section providing details on the proposals that project teams should submit. The proposals could be up to two pages and should provide technical details of the project and how it involves signal processing, even if signal processing plays a minor role in the project, and how they planned to use the funds. Up to one team from each university was eligible for the $400 award. Letters providing the details of the competition were sent to the following universities:

  1. Colorado School of Mines

  2. Colorado State University

  3. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

  4. University of Colorado, Boulder

  5. University of Colorado, Denver

  6. University of Denver

  7. University of Wyoming