Texas Instruments FMCW Integrated Radar and TI's Keystone 2 Multiprocessor Digital Radio

Cattlemens Steakhouse | 2882 Kitty Hawk Road | Livermore, CA 94551

Thursday, April 26, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT)

The talk will describe Texas Instruments FMCW Integrated Radar operation and Industrial applications.  The applications include non-contact sensing, object detection, and sensor fusion with camera.  The TI devices’ RF processing, signal processing, and data processing will be described.  A demonstration of radar range targeting, radar Rx captured values will be shown.

A second topic discusses the Texas Instruments Keystone 2 TCI6630K2L multiprocessor digital radio, and JESD to RF analog processor.   This relates to LTE small cell radio and repeater applications.  The device features related to the digital baseband – digital IF – JESD interface – digital/analog IF – analog RF are described.  Discussion of specialized signal processing in the digital radio is included.  A demonstration of an RF loopback, will be shown.

Joe Quintal  has been an Application Engineer at Texas Instruments for 17 years (MGTS alumni), working on mmWave Integrated Radar, Keystone 2 multiprocessor / digital radio-JESD204, radio IP test and modeling, Digital Radio ASIC test/support, Crest Factor Reduction and Digital Predistortion optimization for RF power amplifiers 3G/4G wireless standards, Analog and Digital radio testing / troubleshooting, radio control/test software design, ASIC AV&V, EVM/FPGA/software design, Customer training and debugging.  Previous work 25 years included digital radio design and test, C/C++ radio control software and test, FPGA design, SJSU/NASA reduced gravity control and recording system (with flight testing), GE power BWR control-rod control/position, limitation and protection systems , EPRI studies for control system replacements, specialized test equipment/software, training, and troubleshooting.  

Dinner is part of this event.  Choose from 9 oz Prime Rib, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Lemon Herb Chicken, Pasta Ravioli or a 1/2 rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs.  Selection will be at the event.  

RSVPs are required - Obtain a ticket at Eventbrite with the link below.  IEEE members (with their member #s) will receive $20 reimbursement at the door and non-IEEE will receive $15 reimbursement.


Agenda    6:00 PM    Start Social period
              6:30 PM    Sit for dinner
              7:30 PM    The talk is underway
              9:00 PM    Close to being finished

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