Multicore-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges

8th IEEE/NATEA AnnualConference
2007 New Frontiers in Computing

06/02/2007, Stanford University


IEEE - Computer Society
North America Taiwanese Engineers' Association


The joint IEEE-NATEA conference on an emerging technology is aimed to provide IEEE and NATEA members with an inexpensive solid overview of a technology that may affect their work and careers in the near future. This annual Saturday conference series has been traditionally held at Stanford on a Saturday. This year the date is June 2nd at the Bio-X facility. Over the past 8 years we have covered such topics as RFID, SOC, Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology.

This year's conference is entitled "Multicore-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges.

With the advent of the Sony PS3 and its utilization of a powerful multicore technology new opportunities for other non-game scientific and technology applications present themselves. To date-there has been some appreciation of this new and significant change in high end computation. Utilization in such research as protein folding has been suggested. This conference seeks to summarize where this technology stands and what issues must be addressed to bring the exciting and powerful world of multicore computing to fruition in the scientific and technical communities to unleashits promise.

The conference will present a technical overview of the hardware and software issues involved in this significant change in computing including such issues as compilation, scalability graphics co-processing and potential applications in the scientific domain.

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