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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Signal Processing and Communication Challenges for the Internet of Energy

This meeting is hosted/sponsored by IEEE SPS Chapter and co-sponsored by IEEE WIE & PES/IAS Chapter

Speaker :

   Dr. Anna Scaglione

   Professor, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering

   Arizona State University



   AMD Commons Theater, 991 Stewart Dr., Sunnyvale, CA (map or Google Maps)



   6:30pm: Networking/Light Dinner

   7:00pm: Announcements

   7:05pm: Presentation

   8:15pm: Adjourn



In this talk we will discuss signal processing models of the behavior of electric appliances that can support the smart electric power grid. An ecosystems of Electric Vehicles, Smart Thermostats and Smart Lighting will allow customers to interact with the market of electricity directly, optimizing the customer preferences while better exploiting the variable production from renewable energy, from distributed "prosumers" and centralized plants alike. The opportunities for good are immense but there are several challenges. Unlike the internet, which is managed in a decentralized fashion, power systems are large vertically integrated infrastructures and, thus, the interaction between market forces is hampered by the curse of dimensionality. We will discuss the issue of sifting through big data to decide the schedule and closing the loop on a large number of transactions. While the grid is already coping with significant vulnerabilities as is the Internet of Energy can significantly expand the reach of malicious cyber-attacks. We will touch upon the issue of cyber-security and privacy that arise in general with the Internet of Things and with the Internet of Energy in particular.


Anna Scaglione (M.Sc.'95, Ph.D. '99) is currently a professor in electrical and computer engineering at Arizona State University. She was Professor of Electrical Engineering previously at the University of California at Davis (2008-2014), after a six-year term at Cornell (2001-2006). Prior to joining the engineering faculty at Cornell, Scaglione was an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico (2000-2001).

Dr. Scaglione's expertise is in the broad area of statistical signal processing for communication, electric power systems and networks. Her current research focuses on studying and enabling decentralized learning and signal processing in networks of sensors. She also focuses on sensor systems and networking models for cyber security in critical infrastructure and for the demand side management and reliable energy delivery and in other aspects at the intersection between intelligent infrastructure, information systems and social networks.

Dr. Scaglione was elected an IEEE fellow in 2011, and was so honored by both the Signal Processing and the Communication Societies. She was editor in chief in (2012-2013) of the IEEE Signal Processing Letters, and served as associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications from 2002 to 2005. From 2008 to 2011, she served on the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing from 2008, where she was area editor in 2010-11.

She was general chair of the SPAWC 2005 workshop and on the Signal Processing for Communication Committee from 2004 to 2009. She has been an IEEE SmartGridComm conference steering committee member since 2010, and is currently on the board of governors of the Signal Processing Society.

Dr. Scaglione is first author of the paper that received the 2000 IEEE Signal Processing Transactions Best Paper Award and she was recently honored for the 2013, IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award for the best review paper in that year in the IEEE publications.

Her research with her students was also honored with the 2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award (Lin Li), and two conference best paper awards: the Ellersick Best Paper Award (MILCOM 2005) and the student best paper award at Smartgridcomm 2014. Se is also a recipient of the NSF CAREER grant (2002).

A co-holder of eight granted US patents, Dr. Scaglione is the author of over 230 publications, including 64 refereed journal articles, 164 refereed conference and invited papers, 5 periodical articles, 11 book chapters and 2 proceedings papers.

Since 2001, Dr. Scaglione has been a keynote or plenary speaker and invited lecturer at 40 conferences and meetings around the globe, including the KAUST-NSF Conference on Electronic Materials, Devices and Systems for Sustainable Future, presenting "The Smart Grid of Intelligent Appliances," Saudi Arabia, February, 2014; at SmartGridComm 2013, on "Networks and Markets for Scheduling Energy Consumption," Vancouver, October, 2013. She was plenary speaker at the 10th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2013), "Networking Machines for Energy Management," at Ilmenau, Germany, August, 2013.

Talk Slides

Reference Papers

"Reduced-Order Load Models for Large Populations of Flexible Appliances"
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* from-left: John Princen, Radhakrishna Giduthuri, Anna Scaglione, Ganesh Rajan, Pavel Tcherniaev

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