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Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

Multi-Robot Adaptive Navigation

This meeting is hosted/sponsored by IEEE CSS Chapter and co-sponsored by IEEE SPS Chapter

Speaker :

   Dr. Christopher Kitts

   Director, Robotic Systems Laboratory, Santa Clara University



   Santa Clara University - 455 El Camino Real. Guadalupe Hall, Room 303. Santa Clara, CA 95053



   7:15pm-8:15pm: Presentation




Adaptive navigation is the process by which a vehicle determines where to go based on information received while moving through the field of interest. Adaptive sampling is a specific form of this in which that information is environmental data sampled by the robot. This may be beneficial in order to save time/energy compared to a conventional navigation strategy in which the entire field is traversed. Our work in this area focuses on multi-robot gradient-based techniques for the adaptive sampling of a scalar field. To date, we have experimentally demonstrated multi-robot gradient ascent/descent as well as contour following using both wheeled land rovers as well as automated marine surface vessels. In simulation we have verified controllers for ridge descent / valley ascent as well as saddle point detection and loitering. Together, these capabilities establish a set of control primitives that will ultimately allow us to efficiently explore large scale scalar fields. In this talk, we will describe our techniques and present some of our initial experimental results achieved through field operation of our multi-robot systems.


Dr. Christopher Kitts is the Director of the Robotic Systems Laboratory and the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development in Santa Clara University's School of Engineering. He runs an active field robotics program with robotic systems that range from undersea robots to spacecraft. His research expertise is in the fields of collaborative multi-robot systems and model-based anomaly management. Dr. Kitts' professional experience includes serving in the US Air Force officer as a satellite constellation mission controller and working as a computer scientist and systems engineer as a NASA contractor. He holds degrees from Princeton University, the University of Colorado, and Stanford University. He is an ASME Fellow and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

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