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Photos of Open House at Sir Adam Beck Generating Plant #2

50th Anniversary of Sir Adam Beck Generating Plant #2

2004 June 19
Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON, Canada

Some pictures from the open house. (Click for full size)

IMGP0404.jpg IMGP0405.jpg IMGP0406.jpg IMGP0407.jpg IMGP0408.jpg IMGP0409.jpg IMGP0410.jpg IMGP0411.jpg IMGP0412.jpg IMGP0413.jpg IMGP0414.jpg IMGP0415.jpg IMGP0416.jpg IMGP0417.jpg IMGP0418.jpg IMGP0419.jpg IMGP0420.jpg IMGP0421.jpg

Thanks to Janet for the pictures.

For more information contact Janet janet_b@gennum.com