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Joint Chapter of Communications, Information Theory, and Signal Processing Societies - Hamilton Section

IEEE Hamilton Section's Joint Chapter incorporating the Communications, Information Theory, and Signal Processing societies was formed in 2007. The chapter holds events geared towards the members of these societies. This page provides details of the chapter. If you want to get involved in the activities of the chapter or want to suggest events that are of interest to the chapter membership, please contact the chair of the chapter.

Executive Committee

Chair : Jun Chen junchen@ece.mcmaster.ca
Vice Chair : Xue Jiang jiangx5@grads.ece.mcmaster.ca
Secretary : Priscilla Liang jiapingliang@gmail.com
Treasurer : Yasamin Fazliani fazliay@mcmaster.ca

Upcoming Meetings

  Meetings are now listed on the new Section website sites.ieee.org/hamilton/ using vTools
Meetings (New website)

Past Events

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2008-Oct-23 Optical Wireless Research at the University of Warwick
by Professor Roger Green, The University of Warwick.
20 February 2008 Parity-Forwarding Strategies for the Relay Channel
by Dr. Wei Yu of University of Toronto.

19 November 2007
Cognitive Radio: Fundamental Issues and Research Challenges
The Chapter likes to thank Chery Gies, the Graduate Secretary of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for all her help in local arrangements of the events.
Event Notice

8 November 2007 Is SP BP?

6 June 2007 CMOS Integrated Circuits for Ultra-Broadband Optical Wireless Communication