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Veranstaltungs Archiv 2010

Veranstaltungen 2010

Top Event

Aachen, 16. November 2010

Development of Progrnostic Model Based on Estimation of Degree of Tumor Regression

This medical imaging presentation is held by Dr. Aliksandr Nedzvedz, Deputy Head of Image Processing and Recognitin Lab., United Institute of Informatics problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The presenation will be given in the Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Universitätsklinikum Aachen.

A Colloquium flyer with more details is found here: Kolloquium-Nedzvedz as a PDF file.

Top Event

Buenos Aires, 4. - 8. September 2010

32st Annual International Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’10)

The 32nd Annual International Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’10), to be held September, 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentinia.

Information about EMBC’10 can be found in the conference website:

Top Event

Berlin, 14. - 16. July 2010

BIOSIGNAL 2010 Advances Technologies in Intensive Care and Sleep Medicine

The main objective of Biosignal 201 is to provide the forum for discussion of research results and new scientific knowledge, promote personal contact and synergism, advance interaction between academia and industiry and facilitate exchange of information on new processes and equipment.

Conference chairs:
Jürgen Kurths
Thomas Penzel
Hagen Malberg
Niels Wessel

Further details for the conference are found here

A conference flyer with details is found here: Flyer_BIOSIGNAL_2010 as a PDF file.

Top Event

Berlin, 12. - 14. April 2010

ESCO 2010 The 6th conference of the European study group on cardiovascular oscillations

The ESCO 2010 meeting aims to foster interdisciplinary discussions between scientists and professionals from different fields including medicine, biology, neuroscience, physics, engineering and computer science, It contains the analysis of signals generated by an organism in order to extract relevant information about their regulating mechanisms, current states and transactions.

Conference chairs:
Robert Bauernschmitt (German Heart Center, Munich)
Pontus Persson (Charite, Berlin)
Niels Wessel (Humboldt-University, Berlin)

Top Event

Aachen, 14. - 16. März 2010

Workshop Medizinische Bildverarbeitung 2010

Der Workshop Medizinische Bildverarbeitung findet gemeinsam mit der GMDS und dem IEEE EMB chapter in Aachen vom 14. bis 16. März statt. Veranstalter ist Prof. Dr. Thomas Deserno.

Einzelheiten zur Tagung und weitere Informationen sind unter verfügbar.

Top Event

Berlin, 14. Januar 2010

Symposium of the Cardiovascular Physics Group at the Department of Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics Humboldt-Universität Berlin

The Symposium is held on the occation of the inauguration of a new group on cardiovascluar physics. The speakers are:
Alexander V. Panfilov (Utrecht University): Modelling of the ventricular conduction system
Peter Achermann (University of Zürich): Environmental Sleep Biology and Biomathematical modelling
The workshop takes place at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Philippstr. 13, Haus 6, 10115 Berlin. The Workshop starts at 14:00 and will continue until 18:00.
Organizers: Jürgen Kurths, Thomas Penzel, Niels Wessel

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