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IEEE Computational Intelligence Society UKRI Chapter United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland


Every quarter a CIS newsletter will be published here. This is likely to follow a similar format to the main CIS newsletter but we want to include more UKRI information. What have UKRI members being doing, have they published any journal papers or received any grants etc that would be off interest to other UKRI researchers? Would UKRI members like to bring an event or special issue to the attention of UKRI members? Knowing information like this can help members who may have similar interests or are undertaking similar or complementary research to be aware of each other and different  research groups. If you would like to add anything to the news letter please contact a committee member.


CIS Newsletter November 2010

CIS Newsletter September 2008


Chapter Reports

Bi annually chapter reports are created for the IEEE UKRI Section Executive Committee (ExCom) meeting. See below for recent reports. 


Report March 2013

Report October 2012

Report March 2012

Report October 2011

Report May 2011

Report October 2010

Report March 2010

Report March 2009

Report October 2008


Chapter Publications 

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine - Chapter Report 2010


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