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IEEE Region 6 Women in Engineering  (WIE)

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Region 6 WIE

WIE is an affinity group for the female engineers and students. Membership is however open to every active IEEE member irrespective of gender. The Region 6 WIE is here to support WIE activities and affinity groups throughout the Western US, Alaska and Hawaii.

The scope of interest is of these activities is to:
1. Gather and disseminate information regarding the status of women and initiatives for, by and on behalf of women in engineering and science

2. Enable mentoring and education programs within IEEE and make available information regarding gender related educational issues which may improve the entry into, and the retention of women in engineering programs

3. Increase the participation of women within IEEE

4. Address ways to improve the climate for women in IEEE and the workplace

Region 6 - Western USA WIE Sections

Region 6 - Western USA

Section's without WIE affinity groups are encouraged to host WIE activities. It is also easy to form a WIE affinity group.

Activity Ideas

  • Plan a networking event.
  • Promote Math and Science in local Junior High and High Schools in order to encourage girls to careers in mathematics, science, and engineering by doing activities in the schools, supporting local science fairs and participate in E-week
  • Provide IEEE women members as speakers and/or as mentors about careers in engineering and science.
  • Encourage women engineers/scientists to participate in IEEE governance by actively recruiting them into positions of IEEE leadership.
  • Recognize the significance of female contributions to engineering by supporting female IEEE members to get their Senior Membership or Fellow Recognition in the IEEE.
  • Focus on increasing the number of women IEEE members attendance at IEEE sponsored meetings and conferences by considering meeting times that will allow them to attend and choosing topics of both technical and personal interest to the entire membership.
  • Celebrate Women's History Month (March) by having a themed Section meeting
  • Help with the IEEE Teachers in Service Program
  • Assist local girl scout troups with learning principals of engineering
  • Arrange to have female IEEE members have local students job shadow under them to increase knowledge of what Women in eningeering and science do
  • Partner with local SWE chapters for events

Forming an IEEE WIE Affinity Group

Student Branches need six WIE student members and a Faculty Advisor.  After that, simply submit the petition form to IEEE Member & Geographic Activities (MGA). Remember, WIE student membership is Free! E-mail for more details. You can get free WIE promkotional items for your events, US$200 startup funds, and an annual membership rebate through your Section.

Sections  - To form an Affinity Group:
  • recruit six IEEE members willing to be part of the founding affinity group;
  • select someone to be responsible for the affinity group until the first meeting is held and the Officers are formally appointed;
  • obtain your Section or Student Branch's Executive Committee's approval (an Affinity Group depends administratively and financially on the Section);
  • submit a petition to IEEE Member and Geographic Activities.
There are benefits for forming a WIE Section Affinity Group including:
  • Opportunity to network on a local level.
  • Free Web site hosting.
  • Apply for funding for events and activities. (Request must be submitted and approved by the IEEE WIE Committee).
  • Eligible to receive additional funding of US$200 through IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) if Affinity Group meets minimum requirements. An additional US$75 activity bonus is available for Affinity Groups reporting six or more meetings of a technical, professional, or educational nature. For more information on these funding opportunities, review the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Rebate Schedule.
  • Option to announce regional news and upcoming events in the WIE Newsletter and the WIE Web pages as well as the Wie Magazine. Send all postings to
  • Borrow WIE Forum videotapes for affinity group meetings.
  • Free WIE membership promotional items for affinity group meetings and events.

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