Showcase of Canadian Engineering Achievement
IEEE Volunteers and the Millennium Project

CN Tower Canadarm Electrical Transmission IMAX Film)

o Mandate:

To organize a number of events and projects in the year 2000 to mark our entry into the second millennium. Specifically the intent is to fly the IEEE Canada flag, promote the accomplishments of Canadian electrical, electronics and computer engineers, and publicly proclaim the importance of our profession to society at large.

o Goals:

  1. To be visible at IEEE conferences and other events taking place in Canada during the year 2000.
  2. To organize special events at CCECE 2000 in Halifax, the IEEE Board Series and Awards Ceremony in Vancouver, and other events throughout the year.
  3. To produce a CD-ROM version of the Centennial project book, Electricity - The Magic Medium.
  4. To create a showpiece publication of the top Canadian Engineering (electrical, information, computer) events of the past century.
o Projects Undertaken: o Millennium Committee Members

Wally Read - Chair - (1984-85 IEEE Canada Director)
Celia Desmond - (2000-01 IEEE Canada President)
Dave Kemp - (1998-99 IEEE Canada President)
Jacek Chrostowski
Yves Fontaine
Abhi Gupta
Brian Lee
Jeff Marcellus
Mo El-Hawary
Haran Karmaker
Cathie Lowell (IEEE Canada Administrator)

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