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Student Activities (SA)

Past News

  • 2008 IEEE Canada Paper Contest Winners

    Central Area (Life Member Award $500)
    "Closed-Loop MIMO Systems using Phase Steering", Ben Leung,  Queen's University  
     Branch Counselor: Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad

    Eastern Area (Life Member Award $500)
    "The Unshredinator: A Machine Vision Approach to Shredded Document Reconstruction", Simon Silk, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Branch Counsellor: Dennis Peters

    Western Area (Life Member Award $500)
    "A Road Quality Measurement System using GPS Technology", Mark Roy and Paul Klassen, University of Manitoba
    Branch Counsellor: Witold Kinsner

    Western Area (Hackbusch Award (runner up) $250)
    "Radio Frequency Identification: A Wireless Scale", Aaron J. Gillrie, University of Victoria
    Branch Counsellor:  Kin Li

  • 2008 IEEE Student Branch Workshop

    The SBW was held in Mississauga, ON, Sept. 12 - 14, 2008. There were approximately 30 attendees from Student Branches from all across Canada. All training materials are listed here. For our group photo, click here and for a picture of the workshop organizers, click here

  • 2008 IEEE Student Congress Ethics Competition Winners

    R7's SAC is pleased to announce the winners of the SB Ethics Competition: Andrew Shaver (U of Ottawa), Matthew James (U of Guelph), Jieyi Rong (Carleton U) and Matt Gardner (McMaster U). They won a total of $500 dollars to be split between their Student Branches.

  • 2008 IEEE Canada Telus Competition Winners

    Congratulations to the first place winners of the Telus Paper Competition ($10,000) from Queen's University: Jordan Heuser, Arjun Phull and Mark Storus for their project titled "Speech Synthesis though Gesture Recognition". All winners were awarded their prizes at an exclusive Telus-IEEE Canada dinner/banquet, see photo.  For details on all winners, please see here.

  • IEEE Student Website Design Competition 2008

    R7's Student Activities Committee is pleased to announce that University of Ontario Institute of Technology's (UOIT) website has won fourth place in the Global Website Competition. This is an amazing achievement!! Great work. UOIT will receive $250 for their Student Branch for placing fourth!

  • IEEE Canada Student Website Design Competition Results!

    It is our pleasure to announce R7's 2008 Student Branch Website Design Winners:

  • CCECE 2008 IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering  Niagara Falls, Ontario, May 4-7, 2008- website  

  • 2007 Telus Competition Results: Sean Dunn, Dale Krall, Stephen McFetridge and James Reid from the University of Alberta, took home the $10,000.00 first place prize. Their winning project was the CompressAlert. The second place award of $5000.00 was presented to Corey Centen and Nilesh Patel of McMaster University. Their project was the CPRGlove. The third place award of $2000.00 was presented to Cory Anderson, Rylan Grant and Herbert Mueller of University of Saskatchewan,for the WiFi Positioning System project.

  • 2007 Website Competition Results: The UBC Student Branch won the Region 7 Student Branch Website Competition for 2007. More results will be posted shortly.

  • 2006 Telus Competition Results: Jonathan Anderson, from Memorial University, took home the $10,000.00 first place cash award. Jonathan’s winning project/presentation was titled Scribe: A Real-Time Transcription Tool. The second place award of $5000.00 was presented to the University of Saskatchewan team, comprised of Dylan Carson, Matthew Drotor and Dan Kos. Their project/presentation was titled iHold Music on Hold Device. The third place award of $2000.00 was presented to the Connestoga College team, comprised of Jonathan Musselman, Derek Novakowich and Stephen Connell. Their project/presentation was titled DigiPhase Acoustic Processor.

  • 2006 Student Paper Competition Awards Results Life Member Awards: Riwa Karkokli of Ryerson University, Ammar AlBetar and Ahmad Rasem of Carleton University Hackbusch Award: Joel Mercer of Memorial University of Newfoundland Palin Awards:Francois Linguyeneza, Jason Wood, Darko Maric and Maciej Porczek of Red River Community College, Dave Hagedorn of Conestoga College. Congratualtions to all of our 2006 Region 7 Student Paper Competition winners.

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