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"IEEE Workshop on MEMS, Microfluidics & Microsystems with Hands-on training in Device Simulation & Microfabrication Process" is being jointly organized by IEEE Student Branch, WiE Affinity group of IIT Kharagpur and IEEE EMB Student Club IIT Kharagpur. The workshop aims to provide an excellent forum to interact and share ideas on the MEMS and microelectronics system, technologies, emerging applications with hands-on simulation and fabrication procedure to the students, researchers and faculties working in the area of MEMS sensing and technology. This will be a three days workshop where experts from industries and academia are invited to share their knowledge in the respective fields.

Areas to be Covered

Evolution of MEMS & Microsystems
Microfabrication Process Technology
Inertial and RF MEMS
Microfluidics and BioMEMS
Packaging of MEMS Devices
Electronics Interface for MEMS

Hands-on simulation in COMSOL

COMSOL tools for MEMS design and simulation
Application specific Modules hands-on
Advanced Modeling of MEMS devices with special emphasis on device meshing, simulation convergence, error handling and important post processing tools.
MEMS design hands on - AC/DC, inertial, RF, Bio/Microfluidics

Laboratory visits and hands-on training in microfabrication

Wafer cleaning and oxidation
Photolithography process
Soft-lithography process
Demonstration of some fabricated MEMS devices
Visit to Microelectronics Lab, BioMEMS Lab, Microfluidics Lab, National MEMS Design Lab sponsored by NPMASS

Who can attend:

Engineering graduate and undergraduate students from various colleges having a background in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Biomedical, Mechanical, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from all over the country, who would like to explore into this exciting area of sensors with potentials for innovative design solutions are encouraged to attend the workshop. Also, researchers and faculties from various backgrounds pursuing their interdisciplinary research career in MEMS and Microsystems applications are welcomed to participate.

Click here to download "IEEE Workshop on MEMS, Microfluidics & Microsystems with Hands-on training in Device Simulation & Microfabrication Process"Poster.
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