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Janet O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

Summer 2011 – Issue No. 230

Letter from the Editor

President’s Message

Chapter Chatter

Completed Careers

EMC Personality Profile

EMC Society History
EMC Society Newsletter Articles – 50–25–10 Years Ago

Quasies and Peaks—The Precursor to the EMC Society Newsletter May 1955

Digitizing Historical EMC Society Records

Practical Papers, Articles and Application Notes
Easy Access to Pulsed Hertzian Dipole Fields Through Pole-Zero Treatment
Physical Dimensions vs Electrical Dimensions
A Simple Causality Checker and Its Use in Verifying, Enhancing, and
Depopulating Tabulated Data from Electromagnetic Simulation

Design Tips
Far-End Crosstalk

EMC Standards Activity

The 2011 Asia-Pacific EMC Symposium in Korea

Report on IEEE Membership Activity at the 2011 APEMC Symposium


Bylaws Changes
Publication of Amendments to EMC Society Constitution and Bylaws

The Secretary’s Pavane

Books Wanted


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