IAS Annual Meeting Committee List

Conference Chair:
Dr. Tomy Sebastian, t.sebastian@ieee.org

Technical Program Coordinators:
Louie Powell, louie.powell@ieee.org
Lynda Bernstein, l.m.bernstein@ieee.org

Technical Committee Paper Review Chairs (TCPR) - please see call for papers for instructions on submitting papers to the conference

Tutorial Program Coordinator:
Joseph Sottile, jsottile@ieee.org

Bruno Lequesne, bruno.lequesne@ieee.org

Clifton Oerlti, coertli@ieee.org

Conference Coordinators:
General Meeting Inquiries ias@courtesyassoc.com
Annie Foster, Courtesy Associates, afoster@courtesyassoc.com
Donna Johnson, Courtesy Associates, djohnson@courtesyassoc.com