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Generator Subcommittee (GSC)

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Edson Da Costa Bortoni, Chair

Robert Thornton-Jones, Vice-Chair

Robert Messel, Secretary


WG No. Name Chair Email
1 Awards & Recognition Nils Nilsson
3 IEEE 1665 Guide for the Rewind of Synchronous Generators, 50 and 60 Hz, rated 1 MVA and above Robert Messel
7 IEEE STD 115 Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines Part I-Acceptance and Performance Testing Part II-Test Procedures and Parameter Determination for Dynamic Analysis Haran Karmaker
8 IEEE C50.13 IEEE Standard for Cylindrical-Rotor 50 Hz and 60 Hz Synchronous Generators Rated 10 MVA and Above Jim Lau
10 IEEE STD 1110 Guide for Synchronous Generator Modeling Practices in Stability Analyses Innocent Kamwa
14 IEEE STD C50.12 Standard for 50 Hz and 60 Hz Synchronous Generators and Generator/Motors Coupled to Hydraulic Turbines and Rated 5 MVA and Above Edson Bortoni
N/A Task Force on Grid Code Impacts on Machine Standards Robert Thornton-Jones


The activities of the Subcommittee are organized under the EMC. The limits of the Subcommittee responsibilities, or changes in these responsibilities, are defined in a scope, which is approved, by the EMC and the Technical Council. The activities of Working Groups of the Subcommittee are approved by the Subcommittee and the EMC.
  • Treat all matters in which the dominant factors are the specifications, requirements, research, development, application, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and supervision of generators, rotating as well as linear, both with and without power electronic speed conversion equipment.
  • Review and revise test codes as required and provide recommendation for all revisions of standards applicable to this Subcommittee. Sponsor papers, panels, technical conferences, and sessions in the field of rotating and linear generators, including those with hydraulic turbine drives.
  • Establish and maintain liaison with other technical societies, associations, committees, and groups concerned with rotating or linear synchronous machines as required to support and advance the purpose and scope of the Electric Machinery Committee.
  • Carry out duties as described in the Electric Machinery Committee Operating Manual.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Promote and coordinate Institute activities in its field.
  • Encourage preparation of quality technical papers.
  • Evaluate technical papers within its scope and select meritorious papers for special recognition or publication.
  • Recognize and, mainly through utilization of Working Group technical expertise, propose methods and practices to deal with novel questions within its scope.
  • Arrange special Technical Conferences either alone or jointly with other Subcommittees or Committees of IEEE or with other Technical Societies.
  • Initiate and prepare or revise Standards, Guides, and Recommended Practices within its scope.
  • Promote electric machinery education through the use of tutorial sessions, publications, and other suitable programs.



Operating Manual (SMSC)

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