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PSES Risk Assessment Technical Committee (RATC)

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Chair: John Allen
Vice Chair: Tom Lanzisero
Secretary: Daren Slee
Communications:  Steven Lawrence
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PSES Risk Assessment Technical Committee


Field of Interest

The PSES Risk Assessment Technical Committee Field of Interest is the development and

application of risk assessment methodology in the theory, design, development and

implementation of electronic and electromechanical equipment and devices and the embedded control software and firmware used in those devices.


Mission Statement

The Risk Assessment Technical Committee is committed to becoming a centre of excellence in risk assessment. The committee will pursue this goal by creating a core group of experts in the field to guide the activities of the Committee.


The TC will provide guidance and information to anyone who needs this information, including other PSES TC's, IEEE Societies, Standards Development Organizations, Regulatory Authorities, Certification Bodies, Producers of electronic and electromechanical products and users of those products.


The TC will disseminate risk assessment knowledge to users through publication of papers

and reports through the PSES, and by providing a source of speakers for Society and Chapter meetings.

RATC Email Forum

The PSES-RATC email forum is a list-based email service provided to you by the Product Safety Engineering Society and managed by their Risk Assessment Technical Committee volunteers.

This forum is open to anyone who wishes to subscribe. Subscribers are required to provide their personal and family names and email address. Subscriber names and email addresses are not shared with anyone for any other purpose.

This is a public Forum, with global distribution. Subscribers are not subject to any form of background check. DO NOT post any personal, confidential or proprietary information on the Forum. As a general rule: If you wouldn’t want to see it on the front page of the newspaper, don’t post it!

Subscribers are required to abide by our list rules. Moderators may remove any subscriber who is not willing to follow these rules, and be respectful of other members. See the detailed rules and instructions for subscribing.


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