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The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society is pleased to announce the Chapter of the Year Award.

This award is given to the most outstanding IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society chapter in recognition of their contributions to and promotion of the Society through its meetings, programs, and member services. This award is to be provided for activities in the previous calendar year.

The winner of the Chapter of the Year Award is honored at the annual PSES Conference.

Congratulations to Madras, India Chapter, the winner of 2017!

Chapter of the Year Award recipients:

  • 2018 San Diego Chapter
  • 2017 Madras, India Chapter
  • 2016 Madras, India Chapter
  • 2015 San Diego Chapter
  • 2014 Orange County Chapter
  • 2013 San Diego Chapter
  • 2012 Santa Clara Chapter

The Chapter of the Year Award Questionnaire is available for download. Please return it to .

If you are interested in starting a new chapter, please contact the following people:
  • Those in Southern California, please contact .
  • Those in Japan, please contact .
  • For Phoenix, Arizona, please contact .
  • is working on starting a new Chapter in Ventura County (Buenaventura Section)/San Fernando Valley (San Fernando Section) California. Contact him if you are interested.
  • If you are in an area that isn't near a chapter, or if you want to gain some experience on how to run a chapter, you might be interested in our "Virtual Chapter". Contact

Want to start a Chapter or find out how to run your existing Chapter?

Read the best practices summary and download the PSES Chapter Guide. Rules for starting a Chapter were revised by the IEEE effective 1-Jan-2012. Petition forms and instructions can be found on the IEEE Geographic Unit Formation page under technical chapter.

See the Society Members Only section of the website for presentations that can be used for Chapter meetings. The list of presentations currently available are:

  • Certifying 802.11 Devices by Jim Bacher
  • Touch Current Measurement Comparison by Pete Perkins
  • EMC Regulations and Standards Workshop by Henry Benitez
  • How to avoid being the next Toyota as presented at the April 2010 Santa Clara Valley Chapter meeting
  • 2010 Symposium Review as presented at the Central Texas chapter

Chapter Announcements


Questions about PSES Chapters?
Contact , PSES Chapter Coordinator.




USA Chapters
  • Central New England
    Website • Contact:
  • Central Texas
    Website • Contact:
  • Chicago, IL
    Website • Contact:
  • Dallas, TX
  • Long Island, New York
    Website • Contact:
  • North Jersey, Joint Chapter
    Joint with Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
    Website • Contact:
  • Orange County, California
    Website • Contact: ,
  • Oregon & SW Washington, Joint Chapter
    Joint with Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
    Website • Contact:
  • Rochester, New York
  • San Diego
    Website • Contact:
  • Silicon Valley (a.k.a. Santa Clara Valley)
    Website • Contact:
International Chapters
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel Section
  • Madras, India
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Joint Chapter
    Joint with Consumer Electronics and Broadcast Technology Societies
  • Taipei, Taiwan
    Website • Contact: Claire Tsai,
  • Toronto, Ontario
    Engineering and Human Environment Joint Chapter
    Website • Contact:
    Work: +1 (416) 345-5370
    Mobile: +1 (647) 408-5139
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Joint Chapter
    Joint with Reliability Society
    Website • Contact:
Virtual Chapter