Conference Committee

Technical Committee

Conference Co-Chair:          
Nicholas Madamopoulos (City College of CUNY)

Conference Co-Chair
Ajay Rajkumar (Alcatel-Lucent)

Technical Program Co-Chair:
Edwin Hou (NJIT)

Technical Program Co-Chair:
Pantelis Monogioudis (Alcatel-Lucent)
Publication Chair:
Shweta Jain (WinLab, Rutgers Univ.)

Publicity Chair:
Christian Makaya (Telcordia)

Registration Chair:
Maria Fresia (Princeton Univ.)

Student Poster Chair:
Pravin Raghuwanshi (DEVRY)
Tutorial Chair:
Elias Kpodzo (iNetS, Stevens Institute of Technology)
Finance Chair:
D. Deng (API Nanofabrication and Research Corp.)
Local Arrangement Chair:
Malay Ganai (NEC)
Exhibits Chair:
Joe Stack (DSI RF Systems, Inc.)
Komlan Egoh