IEEE WA Section Committee 2019




 Harry McDonald  (Email: hmcdon{at}



Vijay Kumar (E-mail: vgkumar46{at}



 Dr Farhad Shania (E-mail: F.Shahnia{at}



Amir Sherkatmosoum (E-mail: a_masoum22{at}


Past Chairman

Harry McDonald (E-mail: hmcdon{at} 


Industry Liaison

Associate Professor Adam Osseiran (E-mail: a.osseiran{at}


Student Activities Coordinator (SAC)

Johnny Ng (E-mail: johnny_ngcc{at}



Christoph Tuettemann (E-mail: c_tuettemann{at}



Christoph Tuettemann (E-mail: c_tuettemann{at}


Committee Members  


Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society Chapter Chair

Tyrone Fernando (E-mail: tyrone.fernando{at}


Communication Society (ComSoc) Chapter Chair

Felix Shen  


Computer Society Chapter Chair

Dr Valerie Maxville (E-mail: maxville{at}


Joint Computational Intelligence / Robotics & Automation Society (CIS/RAS) Chapter Chair

Associate Professor Kevin Wong (E-mail: k.wong{at} 


Joint Electron Devices / Solid State Circuits / Photonics Society (ESP) Chapter Chair

Associate Professor Gino Putrino (E-mail: gino.putrino{at}


Joint Power Engineering / Power Electronics Society (PES/PELS) Chapter Chair

Roshan Fernando (E-mail: roshan.fernando{at}


Signal Processing Society Chapter Chair

Dr Douglas Chai (E-mail: douglas.chai{at}   


System, Man and Cybernetics Chapter Chair

Emeritus Professor Lance Fung (E-mail: lanceccfung{at}


Women In Engineering (WIE) Chair         

Abigail Li (E-mail: lzy.abby{at}


Young Professionals (YP) Chair         

Jacqualine Thomas (E-mail: jacqualine.thomas{at}


Curtin Student Branch Chair

Iman Kareem (E-mail: iman.kareem{at}


ECU Student Branch Chair

Jacqualine Thomas (E-mail: jacqualine.thomas{at}


Murdoch Student Branch Chair

Md Shoeb (E-mail: M.Shoeb{at}


UWA Student Branch Chair

Chris Scherini (E-mail: chrant_sch{at}