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Date Topic Presenter Materials
2017.September.14 Electrical Noise Susceptibility Richard Spangenberg, Schneider Electric Presentation1 (PDF)
2017.August.1 Understanding High Speed Surges/Transients Jim Rossman, PE (Retired from TVA)
Tony Murphy, PE of TVA
Presentation1 (PDF)
2017.May.2 Presentations & Tour of 1 MW Solar Generating Station James Stacy, Director Product Marketing Schneider
Mark Feasel, VP Smart Grid Schneider
Presentation1 (PDF)
Presentation2 (PDF)
Presentation3 (PDF)
2017.April.13 NEC 2014 & 2017 Code Changes 1-Day Seminar Charles Miller
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2017.March.23 Substation Cybersecurity & Arc Flash Hazard Mitigations Ryan Syslo, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Joshua Hughes, P.E., Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
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2017.February.7 Power Distribution for Data Centers George Roscoe, P.E., Product Manager of Siemens
Max Guenther, P.E., Marketing Manager of Siemens
Presentation1 (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2016.November.1 UPS Topologies and Application Kameel Andrawos, Schneider Electric
Presentation (PDF)
2016.August.2 Liquid Filled Transformer Applications Bob Burke, Sr. Application Engineer of Eaton Cooper Power Systems
Presentation (PDF)
White Paper (PDF)
Spreadsheet (XLSX)
Follow Up Info (PDF)
2016.May.11 Microgrids Rick Preston, Siemens Energy Automation
Presentation (PDF)
2016.April.14 Onboard Vs. Traditional Paralleling Switchgear Dustin Sperber, Nixon Power Services
Presentation (PDF)
2016.February.2 Arc Flash Risk and Arc Flash Risk Reduction Technologies Bob Yanniello, P.E., V.P. Eaton Corporation
Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2015.September.9 Industrial Ethernet Design and Cyber Security Steve Bowles, Industrial Networking Specialist of Anixter Industrial Communications & Controls Division
Presentation1 (PDF)
Presentation2 (PDF)
2015.August.4 Variable-Frequency Drives, Harmonics and IEEE 519 Mike Mattingly, Schneider Electric
Wayne Walcott, MTE Corporation
Presentation1 (PDF)
Presentation2 (PDF)
2015.April.30 Communications Rick Preston, Siemens Energy Automation
Presentation (PDF)
2015.February.3 Grounding Systems David D. Shipp, PE, Principal Engineer, Eaton Corporation
PresentationPart1 (PDF)
PresentationPart2 (PDF)
Paper (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2014.November.5 Data Center Site Selection, Design Considerations and Construction Experiences Rob Agar, VP, Enterprise Infrastructure Services and Mission Critical Facilities of Eaton Corporation
Presentation (PDF)
2014.August.5 Troubleshooting and Lessons Learned Using Protective Relay Event Analysis Terrence Smith, PE, Application Engineer of GE Digital Energy
Presentation (PDF)
2014.May.6 Predictive and Preventative Electrical Maintenance Mose Ramieh III, Power and Generation Testing, Inc.
Finley Ledbetter, Circuit Breaker Analyzer
Presentation (PDF)
2014.February.4 National Electrical Code, Present and Future Chad Kennedy, P.E. Schneider Electric
Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2013.November.5 End-Use Generation Matthew A. Brown, TVA
Trishia Swayne, P.E., Leidos Engineering
Gerald Johns, P.E., TVA
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
Presentation 3 (PDF)
2013.August.14 UPS Topologies and Data Center Infrastructure Management Mark Welsko, P.E., Worldwide Environmental Services
Ed Spears, Eaton
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
2013.May.8 Business Continuity Planning: The unexpected happens, are you ready? Rob Preininger - Business Survival Partners, LLC
Jack Baxter - Electrical Engineer, NES
Landon Roeder - Electrical Engineer, NES
Presentation (PDF)
2013.Feb.21 Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Batteries John Kim, Director of Technical Marketing of Enersys Battery
Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2012.Nov.28 Power Quality Case Studies Reza Tejali, PE - Engineering Manager - Schneider Corp.
Mike Puckett, PE - Owner - Puckett Engineering
Ed Stinnett, PE - Power Utilization Engineer, TVA
Jim Rossman, PE - Senior Program Manager of PQ, TVA
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
Presentation 3 (PDF)
Presentation 4 (PDF)
2012.August.3 Keeping Customers Competetive with Power Quality and Energy Efficiency Solutions Alden Wright, PE, Electric Power Research Institute
Presentation (PDF)
2012.May.1 Circuit Breaker Switching Transients on Medium-Voltage Transformers Thomas J. Dionise, PE, Power Quality Engineering Specialist with Eaton Corporation
Presentation (PDF)
2012.Feb.7 2011 National Electrical Code Changes Alan Manche, Director of Industry Standards of Schneider Electric
Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2011.Nov.1 Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Chris M. Finen - Application Engineer - Eaton Corporation
Carla Nelson - Senior Engineer - Nashville Electric Service (NES)
Ralph Boroughs - Electrical Engineer, Transportation and Infrastructure - TVA
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
Presentation 3 (PDF)
2011.Aug.2 Grounding for Equipment Performance and NEC 2011 Tom Shaughnessy - PowerCET Flyer
Presentation (PDF)
Additional Literature 1 (PDF)
Additional Literature 2 (PDF)
Additional Literature 3 (PDF)
2011.May.03 Surge Protection Devices and Lightning Protection Mike Puckett, PE - Puckett Engineering
Chris Finen, PE - Eaton Corporation
2011.February.01 Emergency Generator Systems Design & Application Considerations Steve Lainhart and John Deason - Thompson Power
Brian Jabeck and Troy Van Meter - Caterpillar Electric Power Division
Dean Underwood and Eaton Rep - Underwood Sales and Eaton Corp
White Paper(PDF)
Presentation 1(PDF)
Presentation 2(PDF)
Presentation 3(PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2010.November.02 SMART GRID Keith Kerzel, P.E., PMP. R W Beck
Tony Richman, Nashville Electric Service
Presentation (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)
2010.August.03 Solar Electric Generation Tim Polega, VP Engineering, Inovateus Solar
David Temple, Product Manager, Schneider Electric
Presentation (PDF)
2010.May.12 Lightning Eliminators Peter A. Carpenter, Engineering Sales Manager - Lightning Eliminators & Consultants

2010.May.04 Transformers and Harmonics David Simmons, P.E. - Product Manager Value-Add Transformers Eaton Corporation
Presentation (PDF)
2010.February.02 Principles of Lightning Protection Bud VanSickle, Executive Director - Lightning Protection Institute


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2009.November.03 Arc Flash Science and Regulation - Where the Industry is Going Reza Tejali, P.E. - Manager, Engineering Services, Square D Services
Presentation (PDF)
2009.August.04 Power Factor Correction Capacitors: Understanding The Benefits and Learning How To Safely Apply Them Keith Jones - Senior Application Engineer, ABB.
Gerald Johns, P.E. - Power Utilization Engineer, TVA
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
2009.May.05 Data Center Design Considerations and Trends Daniel Ellis - Power Quality Sales Manager, Eaton.
Presentation (PDF)
2009.February.04 Power Quality Solutions and Energy Savings - What is Real? Dan Carnovale, P.E. - Power Quality Solutions Manager, Eaton Corporation.
Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2008.November.12 Electronic Lighting for the 21st Century Mr.Philip Keebler, MSEE, Sr. Power Quality Engineer, Electric Power Research Institute.

2008.August.05 Flicker Analysis and Case Studies Jim Rossman,P.E., Senior Power Quality Manager, TVA
Gerald Johns,P.E., Power Utilization Engineer, TVA
Presentation (PDF)
2008.May.06 Waveform Analysis of
Power Quality Anomalies
Dan Carnovale, Power Quality Solutions Manager, Eaton Corporation
Presentation (PDF)
2008.Feb.05 VRLA Battery Operation and
Selection for UPS Applications
Webb Burgess, Components & Reliability Engineer, Eaton Powerware
Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2007.Dec.12 Sensor Webs for Target Tracking in Urban Terrain (Holiday Party) Dr. Xenophon Koutsoukos Presentation (PDF)
2007.Nov.12 Medium Voltage Drives Paolo Osgnach
Regional Sales Manager MVD
Christian Bruderer
Senior Application Engineer MVD
ABB, Inc.
Presentation (PDF)
2007.Oct.24 Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum for the 21st Century Panel Discussion
2007.Aug.07 2008 NEC Changes and New Requirements Alan Manche
Director of Industry Standards
Square D Company
Presentation (PDF)
2007.May.14 Emergency Power Supply Systems Smith Seckman Reid, VMC, and equipment vendors
2007.May.04 Summer Picnic
2007.Apr.18 Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Paul Stinson, PE AT&T's U-Verse
U-Verse User Site
Microsoft's IPTV
IPTV Guide on Ars Technica
2007.Apr.04 Wind Energy as a Major Power Source for the 21st Century John A. Bers, Ph.D. Presentation (PDF)
2007.Feb.07 Grounding for Equipment Performance and NEC 2005 Tom Shaughnessy Flyer
Title Slide (PDF)
Segment A (PDF)
Segment B (PDF)
Segment C (PDF)
Segment D (PDF)


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2006.Nov.13 Power Quality Case Studies Gerald Johns & Justin Kuhlers, TVA Flyer
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
2006.Nov.03 TTU: Real-Time Simulation, Testing, and Verification of Electronic Control Units Tarek Lahdhiri, Ph.D., P.E., General Motors Corporation Flyer
2006.Aug.01 MCPQ: Emergency Power Systems Bill Brown & Ed Larson, Square D Flyer
Presentation (PDF)
Presentation (PowerPoint)
2006.May.22 Critical system design and UPS topologies Daniel Ellis
2006.Mar.09 Understanding TVSS and its Applications Chris Finen, Eaton Presentation (PDF)


Date Topic Materials
2005.Nov.30 Imagine 2013
2005.Nov.01 MCPQ: Metro Nashville DES Topics & Tour
2005.Oct.12 OneTenn - A 21st Century Cyberinfrastructure for Tennessee Presentation (PDF)
2005.Sep.16 TEC Golf Tournament Invitation (PDF)
2005.Aug.13 RO-MAN: 14th IEEE Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication Call for Papers (PDF)
2005.Aug.02 Power Monitoring - Present and Future
Ease of Use with Web Technology
Case Study - China Light and Power
2005.Mar.16 ADSL - What's Next? Presentation (PDF)
2005.Feb.01 How Power Quality can affect AC Drives and how AC Drives can affect Power Quality and solutions to both situations Harmonic Distortion from Variable Frequency Drives (PDF)
Power Quality Design Issues for AC Drives (PDF)


Date Topic Materials
2004.Oct.25 Industrial Espionage and Modern Counter-surveillance Technology
2004.Oct.06 MCPQ: 2004 North America Power Quality Interest Group (PQIG) Conference Brochure (PDF)
2004.Sep.08 Cryptography: The German Enigma Code Machine
2004.Aug.03 MCPQ: Power quality issues: A trip through some network quality problems and their solutions
2004.May.04 MCPQ: Lightning and Surge Protection
2004.Feb.11 MCPQ: The Power Connector: Utility Power Quality Monitoring


Date Topic Materials
2003.Dec.05 Trends in HDTV and Video-on-Demand
2003.Nov.04 Embedded Power Quality Solutions for Industrial Processes
2003.Oct.23 A Detailed Look at the Great Blackout of 2003
2003.Sep.25 Ultra-wideband Wireless Technology Articles
2003.Sep.04 TEC Golf Tournament
2003.Aug.12 MCPQ: Arc Flash Protection: New OSHA and NFPA Rules
2003.May.14 MCPQ: Grounding, from the Ground Up
2003.Apr.23 Cisco UG: Network Management, What Works, What Doesn't, and Why
2003.Apr.17 Vanderbilt EE and CS Lecture: An Overview of Hybrid Systems and Control
2003.Apr.09 Tullahoma IEEE: Focus on Educational Outreach
2003.Mar.25 Professional Seminar: Leading Software Development Organizations Flyer (PDF)
2003.Mar.20 Vanderbilt EE and CS Lecture: Video Acquisition, Processing and Modeling of a Dynamic Scene Flyer (PDF)
2003.Mar.12 Broadband Communications Over a Rural Power Distribution Circuit
2003.Feb.04 MCPQ: NES Demonstration of SCADA and dispatch system
2003.Jan Exorcising the Homunculus: Using Computational Models to Explore the Neural Basis of Cognitive Control