2014 IEEE Students' Technology Symposium (IEEE TechSym 2014), 28 February - 2 March, 2014, IIT Kharagpur, India

Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

FPOThe organizing committee of the IEEE Students' Technology Symposium 2014 invites scholastic contributions in the form of articles for oral/poster presentations. Submissions within scope of the symposium are invited as full papers for presentations at the technical track on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Computer Vision and Image Understanding
  • Content Based Image Retrieval
  • Document and Handwriting Analysis
  • Evolutionary, Fuzzy, Genetic, Hybrid, Neural approaches for Pattern
  • Feature extraction, feature mapping and feature selection techniques
  • Heuristics and Model based systems
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Multidimensional Signal Analysis
  • Non-traditional search, optimization and classification systems
  • Search and Multi-objective Optimization techniques
  • Specialized Hardware and Software architectures for Pattern Analysis
  • Syntactic, Structural and Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Video, face, object, motion and gesture recognition
Geographical Information Systems
  • Geospatial Decision Support Systems, Spatial Decision Making Support
  • Environmental/Ecological and Urban/Regional Modelling using GIS and
       Spatial Analysis
  • Geographic Object Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) Methodologies
  • Health, Epidemiology and Medical Geocomputation
  • Location-Based Services using Mobile Devices
  • Social Media Data Mining for Geoinformatics
  • Spatial and Spatiotemporal Analogues of Interesting Patterns: Frequent
       Itemsets, Clusters, Outliers, and the Algorithms to mine them
  • Spatial Classification: Methods that explicitly model spatial context
  • Spatial and Spatiotemporal Online Analytical Processing, Data

Manuscript preparation and submission

Manuscripts are to be prepared according to IEEE two-column conference format in letter-paper. All final manuscript should have a page length up to 6 pages including figures, tables and references. Submissions are handled electronically via the conference management portal.

Visit CMT for manuscript submission.

Editorial policy

Reviewing criteria for the symposium is double-blind. In submitting a manuscript to IEEE TechSym 2014, authors acknowledge that no paper substantially similar in content has been or will be submitted to another symposium, conference or workshop during the review period (28 September 2013 - 28 December 2013).

Read More about Editorial Policies.

Track Chair

Tripti Swarnakar [swarnkar.tripti@gmail.com]

Track Co-Chair

Arindam Dasgupta   [adgkgp@gmail.com]

Hrushikesh Garud    [garudht@gmail.com]

Jit Mukherjee          [nameisjit@gmail.com]

Moumita Saha         [moumitasaha2012@gmail.com]

Phani Krishna Karri  [phani.moresmiles@gmail.com]