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Circuits & Systems Society, Dallas Chapter

Seventh IEEE Dallas CAS Workshop (DCAS2008)

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Organizing Committee
General Chair:
Vojin G. Oklobdzija, UTD
Technical Program Co-Chairs:
Bogdan Staszewski, TI
Bhaskar Banerjee, UTD
Publicity Chair:
Dinesh Bhatia, UTD
Publications Chair:
Mak Kulkarni, TI
Local Arrangements Chair:
Rama Sangireddy, UTD
Registration Chair:
Arjun Rajagopal, TI
Saqib Malik, TI
Sudhind Dhamankar, TI
Technical Program Committee
Technical Program Co-Chairs:
Bogdan Staszewski, TI
Bhaskar Bannerjee, UTD
Jacob Abraham, UT Austin
Poras Balsara, UT Dallas
Terry Blake, TI
Oren Eliezer, TI
Ranjit Gharpurey, UT Austin
Ping Gui, SMU
Mitch Thornton, SMU
Sebastian Hoyos, Texas A&M
Donald Lie, Texas Tech Univ.
Andrew Marshall, TI
Won Namgoong, UT Dallas
Laksman Tamil, UT Dallas
Tuna Tarim, TI
Liming Xiu, TI

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Systems-on-Chip (SoC) with giga-scale integration of IP are the main drivers of the semiconductor industry today. From the handsets and multimedia consumer electronics devices to communication infrastructure, the SoC's create new challenges in design techniques, circuits, integration, power management, packaging and test.

Circuits and Systems Society is conducting a two day workshop (DCAS-08) to provide a forum for sharing Design, Application, Integration and Software of System on Chip. DCAS-08 is sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (Dallas Chapter), and will be held on the campus of The University of Texas at Dallas.

Keynote Address:

Invited Speakers:

Click here to download the complete workshop PROGRAM

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