Updates: A big thanks to our conference attendees!

On behalf of the Conference Sponsors and the Local Committee I would like to extend a sincere invitation for you to attend the 2009, Calgary, Industrial and Commercial Power System Technical Conference (I&CPS 2009). Our beautiful City, Calgary, is anxious to welcome you with its traditional western hospitality. Please plan to register for the conference and we suggest booking your travel arrangements as early as possible. We will be very happy to assist you and make your attendance in May 2009 a lovely, memorable experience.

Please allow me to introduce both the I&CPS 2009 Conference and Calgary in the coming few lines.

This is the 45th annual IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS) Annual Technical Conference. The Conference reflects the activities of the I&CPS Department of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) of the IEEE. Hence the Conference is jointly sponsored by the IAS and the Local Section of the IEEE (South Alberta Section).

In its 45 year history, the Conference was the forum where both IAS's experienced and young engineers got together to discuss many aspects of Industrial & Commercial Power Systems, present relevant papers, form Work Groups and write up one of the most comprehensive series of Standards in the form of 13 books (The Color Books).

What is the I&CPS?

Jim Beall, the Veteran member and the Chair of the I&CPS 2008th Conference in Tampa wrote: "it is the Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Department of the IEEE Industry Applications Society. It is a group of Power Engineers Serving Industry and Commerce. These engineers write IEEE Standards, the Color Book series, used by Industrial and Commercial customers of the Power companies. They hold an annual Technical Conference every May". They also write and present Technical Papers and Tutorials of interest to engineers in this field. The thirteen color books are recommended practice for the applications of power system engineering in the Industrial and Commercial establishments. They are most helpful to young engineers as guiding references and also they assist the veteran engineers as backup references. They are widely utilized all around the world. The standards include Recommended Practice for: Grounding, Protection, System Design, Reliability, Power System Studies, Emergency Supply, Maintenance and operation, low Voltage Circuit Breaker Applications, Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment, and Short Circuit Calculations. While still sanctioned by the IEEE in their present 13-volume format, the Color Book Standards are in the process of being streamlined, updated in content and format by the I&CPS to ensure utmost effectiveness.

In addition to the Color Books discussions and continuous developments, the Conference will host related Industrial and Commercial Power System Paper Sessions on Tuesday May 5th and Wednesday May 6th. Relevant Tutorials will be held on Thursday May 7th of 2009.

Information on Calgary:

Calgary is a modern city of approximately 1 million inhabitants. It is located in the foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains, and (as referred to by Calgary Tourism) the "Heart of the New West™". Every year, especially in July when the Stampede is held, the city attracts visitors who come to discover the heritage of the Canadian West. In the last few years, Calgary experienced rapid growth due to increased activities in the oil industry. It is known for its blue open skies and breathtaking scenery. Being close to Banff and Yoho National Parks, many visitors associate their visit to Calgary with a visit to the Park for magnificent adventures in pristine wilderness. For more information on Calgary, please visit reference web sites. The Conference is hosted at the Hyatt Hotel in the City Center, one block north of the Calgary Tower. The hotel's facilities are first class. The Hotel is within walking distance from theatres, Concert Hall, a vibrant shopping area and a variety of restaurants that reflect Calgary's vibrant nature.

Social Activities:

We will start by the Conference Reception on Sunday at 6:00 PM at the Hotel. The Reception is intended as a forum to get together, introduce ourselves and exchange some thoughts and initiate some informal discussions.

On Tuesday, we will have the Conference Dinner at the Silvertip Resort in Canmore. Take it from the "horse's mouth" and "bear" with us; the resort is in the heart of the mountains. Entertainment is provided by the Calgary Fiddlers accompanied with other Dinner activities, door prizes and a few more surprises. Dress is business casual.

On Wednesday noon, we will have the traditional Award Luncheon, with Prize Paper awards, and other Honours.

Spouse-Companion Activities:

The Spouse-Companion Hospitality Suite will be set in the beautiful Atrium of the Hyatt. In the Atrium, a continental breakfast for the spouse-companions will be provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Other activities include a city tour on Monday. On (Super) Tuesday, a special visit to Banff will be organized for the whole day. The Spouse-Companion Group will then join the conference attendees for the Silvertip Resort Dinner in Canmore. (For those who purchased the Super Tuesday ticket, please note that dinner at Silvertip is included.) On Wednesday, a special art event is scheduled. For details see our Spousepitality page. Dress is business casual.

Please plan to attend, register as early as you can, keep an eye on our Web Site updates, and we are counting on seeing you in the first week of May 2009 in our proud City of Calgary. If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me personally, or contact any members of our local Committee.

Conference Chair: Rasheek Rifaat, P.Eng., IEEE, Sr. Member
Telephone 1-403-258-6680, e-mail