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The ICCST Program comprises an exciting three days of technical sessions - organized by topic , presented by experts in the field and moderated by our ICCST Committee members. It is also our tradition each year to have a banquet, which has become a very splendid way to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. Weather permitting, we also have a golf tournament either before or after the conference.

The Conference covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Sensors and detection technology, including principles of operation and signal analysis
  • Alarm devices, searching aids and systems
  • Monitoring, command, control and communication systems
  • Computer systems security and privacy
  • Information security
  • Communication security and privacy, including modulation techniques, spectrum management and encryption
  • Biometric identification systems utilizing voice, handwriting, fingerprints, hand geometry, facial recognition etc.
  • Entry control systems, access delay technology and surveillance
  • Counter-terrorism techniques and technology
  • Impact on society of security systems and technology
  • User experiences of operating security systems including their introduction and testing
  • Police and forensic technology
  • Cryptology
  • Less-than-lethal weapons technology
  • Counter proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • Airport security
  • Emergency management
  • Casino security

Interested authors and presenters submit abstracts to the conference organizing committee, which are then
reviewed by the Executive Committee.  If the paper is selected, authors submit the full paper in writing,
and are invited to deliver a presentation at the conference.  The papers are then printed in the Proceedings for the conference, which is distributed to all attendees and available for purchase by others.

Spouses are not left out.  Each conference includes a number of planned activities for the spouses of attendees.

Questions or comments?  Contact the ICCST Webmaster.