Officers Biography

Chapter Chair



蔡昌益 (Maxi Tsai) 先生

Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co. Ltd.

+886 2 2896 7790




Specialized skills of industrial engineering and management, business strategy development and product compliance management. 

Having mature hands-on experience related to IT products compliance.  Familiar with IT supply chain and manufacturing process. 

Been worked for D-Link Corp. and Underwriters Laboratories for years.  In that period, he led an excellent team to manage product compliance and safety better than  competitors, and offered a key marketing differentiator than increased the value of his employer's brand.  With team efforts, he helped customers reduced costs and product development cycles leading to a significant and sustainable competitive advantage.

He volunteered to be the chair of Taipei Chapter in 2011, and is willing to contribute more to the industry in a proactive manner.



Chapter Vice-Chair


陳宜文 (Ian Chen) 先生

Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co. Ltd.

+886 2 2896 7790




Ian Chen has over 10 years experience in product safety for ITE field and is working in Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd. He holds BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering and held the Section Manager position in UL Taiwan - High-Tech Engineering Department.

Ian is currently responsible for DAP (Data Acceptance Program) audit operation in UL Asia Pacific region. He is also qualified as UL DAP Lead Auditor and IECEE Technical Assessor.


Chapter Secretary


宋子豪 (Answer Sung) 先生

Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co. Ltd.

+886 2 2896 7790




Answer Sung is an Engineering Leader of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.  His current responsibility is as the Leader and the Regional Lead Reviewer for Hi-Tech industry in Asia Pacific. He joined UL in July of 2004 and received a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Chung Hsing University in 2000.

In his UL career, Answer Sung has worked closely with reputable networking device, PC/Laptop manufacturers and other Hi-Tech manufacturers on providing safety certification.

In 2009, Answer Sung was qualified as Regional Lead Reviewer for Information Technology Equipment (ITE), whose primary roles and responsibilities are to assess UL’s Verification Staff (also known as Reviewer) and to be the representative of the region for product safety engineering affairs.


Chapter Treasurer


袁讚富 (Zenon Wang) 先生

Dell | WWRCEEA, TDC Business Client

+886 2 2376 6810






Technical Advisor


江志翔 (Flore Chiang) 先生

Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co. Ltd.

+886 2 2896 7790




Chih-Hsiang (Flore) Chiang is a Staff Engineer at Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd., and has been with UL since February 2002. He has worked in a number of roles within the organization, a certification engineer for information technology equipment (ITE), consumer electronics and audio/video apparatus, a regional designated engineer for ITE power supplies, a trainee and then a trainer for a variety of product safety subject matters, a writer for product safety releases and then a chief editor for monthly product safety newsletters, and a user of IEC product safety standards and then one of the collaborators developing IEC product safety standards, primarily the new hazard-based IEC 62368-1.

In October 2010, he had presented a paper on “Effects of High Frequency Voltage Stress on Air Insulation and Solid Insulation” (ISBN # 978-1-4244-7498-1) in 2010 IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE 2010) in Boston, U.S.A., and then had been invited and had presented the same topic in the 23rd meeting of IEC TC108 in London, U.K., in March 2011.

In October 2011, he is going to present two papers “Safety Considerations for Surge Protective Devices Employed in Information Technology Equipment” and “Implications of Temporary Overvoltages for Insulation Coordination for Equipment within Low-voltage Systems” in 2011 IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE 2011) in San Diego, U.S.A.