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Los Angeles Area Consultants Network (LAACN)

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Finding Consultants

LAACN: Engineering Problem Solvers

The IEEE Los Angeles Area and Orange County Consultants Networks are organizations of independent engineering consultants and consulting firms based in Southern California.

All referral services are free!

A Professional Consultant is:

  • An Advisor
  • A Problem Solver
  • A Resource
  • An Expert in the Field
  • An Independent Business Person
  • A Subcontractor/Supplier

Benefits Provided By Consultants

  • Readily Available Long-term or Short-term Resources
  • Added Expertise
  • Independent Validation and Verification
  • Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement Options
  • Product Improvement Approaches
  • Fresh Business Insights

About LAACN and OCCN

The Los Angeles Area Consultants Network (LAACN) and the Orange County Consultants Network (OCCN) are local networks under the IEEE Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks (AICN) and sponsored by the IEEE Los Angeles Council and Orange County Section respectively. The membership includes members of the IEEE and affiliates of the AICN who are in private practice or consulting. The networks provide free referral services and serves both independent consultants and those willing to work through contract engineering firms. LAACN and OCCN referrals are primarily provided through the IEEE-USA Consultants Database. Our web sites include the ability to browse and search our networks' members in that database and provides convenient access to the whole database. Our focus is on providing clients with the fastest and easiest access to information about consultants in Southern California.

The members of LAACN and OCCN include specialists and experts in the areas of electronics, electrical engineering, software, management, and associated specialties. They are very active in professional societies and are highly qualified, and include:

  • IEEE Fellows
  • IEEE Senior Members
  • Local IEEE Officers
  • IEEE-USA Officers
  • IEEE Directors
  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • Ph.D.s
  • Certified Management Consultants
  • Certified EMC Consultants
  • and consultants with other certifications including:
    reliability, quality, and project management

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