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Canadian Life Members Fund

The IEEE Canadian Foundation is the philanthropic partner of the IEEE in Canada.

The Canadian Life Members Fund (of the IEEE Canadian Foundation) has been created to enable Canadian IEEE life members to contribute to the objectives of the IEEE and to participate in a donor thank you program similar to the one initiated by the IEEE Life Members Committee (LMC) - while taking advantage of the ability to receive a CRA approved tax receipt for their donation. This program has been initiated at the request of the IEEE Canada LMC and with the knowledge and support of the IEEE LMC. Because CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) regulations are more restrictive that those of the IRS in the United States, the reward levels are slightly higher in Canada compared to those in the U.S.

Canadian IEEE life members who donate to the Canadian Life Members Fund will receive a special token of appreciation:

  1. IEEE Life Members lapel pin (LM, LSM, LF grades available)for a donation of $60 to $119
    IEEE Life Members lapel pin
  2. IEEE Life Members pewter coaster(9 cm diameter) which commemorates an IEEE Historical Milestone for a donation of $120 or more (themes and supplies are limited)
    IEEE Life Members pewter coaster
  3. McNaughton biography, second edition published 2022 by IEEE Canada, the three volume definitive, authorized biography of Canadian General A.G.L. McNaughton for a donation of $500 or more
    McNaughton biography
To make your donation and receive your token of appreciation, please use our secure online donation website. Be sure to also let the Treasurer know directly if you wish to receive a token of appreciation, as some will have already received theirs.

Notes: Donation levels are in Canadian Dollars. Please be patient regarding delivery.

IEEE "Life" status is an automatic process based on an individual's membership record. To qualify for Life Member status, a member must be at least 65 years of age and have been a member of IEEE or one of its predecessor societies for such a period that the sum of his/her age and his/her years of membership equals or exceeds 100 years. Members who qualify each year will be notified by mail in the fourth quarter of the qualifying year. "Life" status will be effective on 1 January of the following year.

The McNaughton biography may be purchased directly at retail prices with net proceeds supporting the programs of the IEEE Canadian Foundation:

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