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Reports Required to be Provided by Grantees

Recipients of the following Grants:
IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant
IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grant
IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Travel Grant
are required to submit a report to the foundation as a condition of accepting their grant.

The IEEE Canadian Foundation maintains a project review and assessment process for all funded projects:
to ensure that the funds granted for a project are utilized for the agreed upon purpose of the project,
to ensure that the funds are expended in a responsible and appropriate manner,
to ensure that the project achieves its stated goals and objectives
to identify exemplary projects that may repeated elsewhere, and
to obtain success stories to feature in IEEE Canadian Foundation publicity initiatives.

All notifications to successful applicants will include a reminder of their obligation to submit these reports.

Submitting Reports
Please submit your report by the following deadlines
McNaughton Centre Grant - by March 15
Special Grant - within one month of project completion
Vehicular Technologies Travel Grant - within one month of travel completion

Photographs are really appreciated - depending on the project, people, equipment, places visited, etc.

Complete and submit this online report form

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