Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to some questions that you may have regarding the IEEE. If your question is not answered here, then please feel free to contact any member of the section executive or vist the IEEE main site.
  1. I receive duplicate copies of your e-mail notices. How do I stop that?
    There are a couple of possibilities:
    • You may be a subscriber of our old list server, from which you can unsubscribe yourself via e-mail (instructions here).
    • For events of a general interest, we post to the APEGN list server as well as lists of undergraduate and graduate students in engineering at MUN. If you are on one of those lists then you will sometimes get duplicates, for which we appologize.
  2. I am a member but I'm not receiving e-mail notification of your events. How do I sign up?
    All members are automatically enrolled in our e-mail notification service. If you are not receiving notifications, or you would like to change the address to which notifications are sent, please update your membership information at
  3. I'm not a member but I'd still like to receive notification of your events. How can I do that?
    Contact Dennis Peters.
  4. Are your events open to non-members?
    Yes, unless the notice explicitly says otherwise. You can, of course, expect to be encouraged to join.
  5. I'm interested in getting more involved, how can I do that?
    Contact any member of the section executive and we'll find something that fits.