December 2014
Oceans 2014, NECEC 2014, IEEE WiE, adn more....
November 2013
J.J. Archambault Easter Canada Merit Award, NECEC 2013, New GOLD Chair, IEEE Night, and more....
May 2012
Lobster Boil, Upcoming DLTs and Tech Talks, New GOLD Chair, IEEE Night, and more....
June 2011
Remembering Wally Read, NECEC 2011, IEEE Canada Fall Regional Meeting
June 2011
Lobster Boil, NECEC 2011, TISP Workshop
November 2010
IEEE Canada Fall Meeting Report, UUV Workshop, Oceans 2014
May 2010
Lobster Boil, IEEE Canada Spring Meeting Report, CCECE 2009 Wrap-up
June 2009
CCECE 2009, IEEE Canada Spring Meeting Report, Scholarships and Awards
December 2008
CCECE 2009, Sections' Congress 2008.
June 2008
Annual Lobster boil, NECEC 2008, CCECE 2009.
October 2007
NECEC 2007, AGM, CCECE 2009.
May 2007
Annual Lobster boil, NECEC 2007, CCECE 2009.
November 2006
NECEC 2006, AGM, TAT-1 Milestone Ceremony.
May 2006
Annual Lobster boil, NECEC 2006, IEEE Canada Meetings.
November 2005
NECEC 2005, AGM, TAT-1 Milestone.
May 2005
Annual Lobster boil, IEMC 2005, Blackout 2003.
November 2004
Annual Lobster boil, NECEC 2004, Awards and scholarships.
May 2004
Awards, Region 7 meetings, New web site.
November 2003
Annual Lobster boil, NECEC 2003, Awards and scholarships.
May 2003
Section 25th Anniversary, Awards and scholarships.
November 2002
Section's Congress, Awards and Scholarships.
June 2002
Marconi student competition, Awards.
November 2001
Marconi student competition, Annual Lobster boil, NECEC 2001.
June 2001
MUN IEEE Night 2001, Senior member update, Marconi student contest.
November 2000
Annual lobster boil, Second/Third quarter technical meetings.
June 2000
MUN IEEE Night 2000, First quarter technical meetings, New scholarship
November 1999
IEEE Section Web Site, Annual Lobster Boil, Second and Third Quarter Technical Meetings, NECEC '99 Conference, Technical Meetings
May 1999
IEEE Section Web Site, MUN-IEEE Night 1999, First Quarter Technical Meetings, Annual Lobster Boil, NECEC' 99 Conference, Technical Meetings
September 1998
McNaughton Center Proceeding, NECEC '98 Conference, Annual Lobster Boil Highlights, Annual General Meeting 1997