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IEEE Norway Section

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Antennas and Propagation / Microwave Theory and Techniques Chapter

This is the web pages of the joint Norwegian chapter of IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society and Antennas & Propagation Society. The chapter was started in fall 2003. The intension is to have a social and professional forum for Norwegians with field of interests in microwave theory and techniques, antennas and propagation. This is the first version of the web pages of the Norwegian chapter so any feedback (positive and negative :-) ) would be appreciated.

The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S)

is a transnational society with more than 9,000 members and 80 chapters worldwide. Our society promotes the advancement of microwave theory and its applications, including RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies. For more than 50 years the MTT-S has worked to advance the professional standing of its members and enhance the quality of life for all people through the development and application of microwave technology. As we enter into an exciting future our mission is to continue to understand and influence microwave technology. The activities sponsored by the MTT-S include a broad spectrum of conferences, workshops, tutorials, technical committees, chapter meetings, publications and professional education programs.

The Antennas and Propagation Society

has defined a Field of Interest statement: Experimental and theoretical advances in antennas including design and development, and in the propagation of electromagnetic waves including scattering, diffraction and interaction with continuous media; and applications pertinent to antennas and propagation, such as remote sensing, applied optics, and millimeter and submillimeter wave techniques

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