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IEEE Norway Section

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Antennas and Propagation / Microwave Theory and Techniques Chapter

This is the web pages of the joint Norwegian chapter of IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society and Antennas & Propagation Society. The chapter was started in fall 2003. The intension is to have a social and professional forum for Norwegians with field of interests in microwave theory and techniques, antennas and propagation.

Past Seminars

One-day Seminar in Forskningsparken

2013 March 8, Forskningsparken, Oslo
Professor Jenshan Lin, University of Florida
Professor Tor Sverre Lande, UiO
Professor Snorre Aunet, NTNU/UiO

The one-day seminar in Forskningsparken covered the following topics:

  • Wideband RF in CMOS by Professor Tor Sverre Lande. View slides (0.6 MB)
  • Low Power/Low Energy CMOS Circuits by Professor Snorre Aunet. View slides (1.6 MB)
  • Wireless Power Transmission by Professor Jenhan Lin. View slides (2.9 MB)
  • Noncontact Detection of Vital Signs using Micro-Radar by Professor Jenshan Lin. View slides (2.1 MB)

  • FET modeling

    2012 November 16, Ceragon, Bergen
    Dr. Iltcho Angelov

    Dr. Iltcho Angelov presented the following topics:

  • FET Device Modeling Basics
  • FET Models Measurements and Extraction Procedures
  • Large-Signal Modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

  • Articles:
    An Empirical HBT Large-Signal Model for CAD (0.4 MB)
    Large Signal Evaluation of Nonlinear HBT Model (0.8 MB)
    An Empirical Table Based HBT Large Signal Model (0.3 MB)
    Large Signal Evaluation of Nonlinear HBT Model (0.1 MB)

    Terminal antenna design: practical considerations

    2012 May 4, NTNU, Trondheim
    Dr. Marta Martínez Vázquez, IMST Germany

    Dr. Marta Martínez Vázquez presented the topic “Terminal antenna design” and research activities within this topic.
    Small Antennas: View slides (4.1 MB)
    Antenna Research: View slides (4.2 MB)

    Passive IMD in Microwave Systems

    2011 October 7, Ceragon Bergen
    Dr Michael Steer - Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University

    Dr Michael Steer shared his experience in the following topics:

  • Passive IMD in Microwave Systems
  • Simulation and Modelling of Electrically Large Systems
  • Behavioral Modeling of PA with Memory

  • Passive IMD part I: View slides (2.3 MB)
    Passive IMD part II: View slides (1.2 MB)
    Simulation and Modelling part I: View slides (2.1 MB)
    Simulation and Modelling part II: View slides (3.0 MB)
    Behavioral Modeling (1.7 MB)

    Linearization: Reducing Distortion in Power Amplifiers

    2011 May 13, Forskningsparken Oslo
    Allen Katz - College of New Jersey, founder and President of Linearizer Technology, Inc

    The presentation discussed techniques for the cancellation of distortion that are also known as linearization. Different methods of linearization including digital approaches were introduced and compared. The linearization of solid-state power amplifiers was considered, together with examples of GaN SSPAs. Criteria for the evaluation of linearity were reviewed and topics such as memory effects and very wideband linearization addressed.

    UHF GaN SSPA: View slides (1.7 MB)
    Linearization Basics: View slides (2.3 MB)
    Wideband Linearization: View slides (1.5 MB)
    Memory Effects: View slides (2.0 MB)

    Multiport Vector Network Analyzer: From the beginning to modern signal integrity applications

    2010 September 17, NTNU Trondheim
    Andrea Ferrero - Dipartimento di Elettronica Politecnico di Torino, Italy

    The talk presented the most modern solutions for multiport measurements at microwave frequencies as well as their advance calibration techniques. In particular the following topics will be given with the focus on multiport application:

  • Single-Ended and Differential S-Parameters Review
  • VNA Architectures
  • Error Models and Calibration Techniques
  • Accuracy of Multiport Measurements
  • Interconnection and Fixture Design for Multiport Measurement
  • On-Wafer Design of Multiport Standards

  • View slides (6.6 MB)

    Advances in characterization, behavioral modeling, and simulation of nonlinear RF and microwave devices and circuits

    2010 May 7
    David Root

    Dr. David E. Root visited Bergen May 7. 2010 and gave a lecture in the following topics:

  • Nonlinear Analog Behavioral Modeling of Microwave Devices and Circuits
  • X-parameters: A new paradigm for Interoperable Measurement, Modeling and Design of Nonlinear Microwave and RF Components
  • Physical, empirical and table based (f. ex. Root) models Theory and accuracy in models, based on a compromise between complexity and characterizing simplicity

  • View slides (5.4 MB)

    Engineering and Measuring RF Waveforms; the Unifying Link between System Performance, Circuit Design and Transistor Technology

    2009 September 18
    Paul Tasker - Cardiff School of Engineering, Wales, UK

    This talk discusses how appropriately engineered RF waveforms can help meet telecommunication system goals such as power, efficiency, and linearity. It is well known that the performance of transistors in power amplifiers is linked to their mode of operation (Class A, A/B, C, etc.). A number of measurement systems now allow for the direct measurement of RF waveforms, either at RF or in the envelope domain. Coupling such systems with impedance control hardware enables experimental control (engineering) of these terminal RF waveforms. Because these measurement systems operate in the time domain they allow for a more natural integration of measurement and CAD simulation based design approaches. This talk touches on several topics of interest to microwave engineers including modelling and measurement of power amplifier transistors and circuits; design and predistortion correction of nonlinear telecommunication systems; and circuit design methods that incorporate new transistor technology. Examples will demonstrate measurement feedback to support and link both the design of high power amplifier transistor technology (GaAs HBT/HFET, GaN HFET, Si LDMOS) and the circuit environment (harmonic load-pull, linearisation via base-band injection).

    View slides (33.9 MB)

    MMIC technology, modelling and design

    2009 February 13
    Rüdiger Follmann - IMST

    Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Follmann visited Bergen 13. February 2009 and his lecture covered the folloving topics:

  • Measurement and model extraction HEMT, MESFET example
  • Model implementation into MWO and ADS
  • MMIC foundries, designs and trends, examples GaAs, GaN, SiGe mixed signal design
  • Designs and trends: Higher integration, coupling, field simulation Examples with different technologies

  • View slides (6.4 MB)

    Seminar i Pakketeknologi og MEMS for RF/ mikrobølge

    2008 September 19
    Wolfgang Heinrich - Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Hoechstfrequenztechnik, Berlin
    Kari Kautio - VTT, Finland
    Héctor J. De Los Santos - NanoMEMS Research, LLC (Irvine, California)

    Internasjonalt ledende forelesere innen pakketeknologi spesielt for høyfrekvens systemer og RF-MEMS holdt et heldags-seminar ved Høgskolen i Vestfold innenfor følgende temaer:

  • Flip-chip for Millimeter-Wave and Broadband Packaging
  • Modeling the package of a GaN power transistor
  • View slides (0.9 MB)

  • LTCC – packaging & smart system integration
  • View slides (3.1 MB)

  • Applications and Trends in RF-MEMS
  • View slides (2.3 MB)

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