Obtaining a Letter of Confirmation May Facilitate Your Visa Application

Do you need a letter confirming your meeting registration to help with your efforts to obtain a visa to attend an IAS Meeting? If so, we can provide a confirmation letter for you for the following meetings so long as you have already registered, paid for the meeting, and submitted your request by the deadline. We are unable to respond to requests submitted after the deadline or to requests for meetings other than the meetings listed here. Please note that this confirmation letter does not guarantee that you will receive a visa.

The content of confirmation letters is very strictly controlled. We regret that we are unable to provide letters for companions and spouses who are accompanying potential delegates, or customize a letter beyond what is included in the questions below.

Confirmation letters are each handled individually. All submitted information is verified prior to the letter being produced; it is not an automatic process and it will take approximately 7-10 business days (two calendar weeks) to process and e-mail or fax your requested letter. If your letter is being sent by traditional mail, it may take several additional weeks to reach its destination depending on the location (all letters sent outside of North America are sent via air mail). Be sure to find out how long the embassy requires to process your visa application so that you allow sufficient time for processing and mailing of both the letter and the visa. Please wait at least two weeks before inquiring as to the status of your confirmation letter. Inquiries may be sent to

To see a sample letter click here.

Meeting NameDate & LocationDeadline for Requests for Faxed and/or Emailed LettersDeadline for Requests for Letters to be Sent Via Traditional Mail
2010 IEEE IAS Annual Meeting3-7 October 2010
Houston, Texas, USA
31 August 201015 August 2010

Please copy the form below into a word processor, add the information requested and email the file to prior to the deadline listed (required fields shown in RED):

Meeting Name/Location:

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

Your Phone Number:

Your Fax Number:

Please select the category in which you fit best and enter the requested information: You must select one.

___ Author - please enter the Title and Number of your Paper:

___ Panelist - please enter the Title of your presentation and the session during which you will present:

___ Speaker - please enter the Session during which you will speak:

___ Committee Member - please enter the Committee Name and the title of at least one meeting you will attend:

Your Mailing Address:

All confirmation letters will be sent by regular mail. If you would also like it faxed or e-mailed please indicate that below:

___ E-mail

___ Fax

Registration Confirmation Number:

Also please attach a copy of your registration receipt with your request.

If we do not receive a copy of your receipt we will not be able to issue a letter to you.

Please fill out this portion of the form only if you would like the letter sent to an embassy on your behalf. You must complete all fields if you want us to provide this service. You will be sent a copy of the letter.

Embassy Name:

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Embassy E-Mail Address:

Embassy Phone Number:

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