These awards were given during the 2007 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference:

The 2007 Radiation Instrumentation Outstanding Achievement Award

Prof. Glenn F. Knoll,  University of Michigan, USA

For contributions to the education of a generation of nuclear scientists and advancement of the science of radiation detection.



The 2007 NPSS Merit Award

Prof. Charles L. Melcher, University of Tennessee, USA

For outstanding contributions to the field of scintillation materials, particularly for the invention, development, and commercialization of LSO scintillator and the resulting impact on positron emission tomography and nuclear medicine.



The 2007 Edward J. Hoffman Medical Imaging Scientist Award

Dr. Ronald H Huesman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

For important contributions to quantitative reconstruction tomography and statistically sound kinetic modeling in three- dimensional medical emission imaging.


The 2007 Young Investigator Medical Imaging Science Award

Dr. William Paul Segars, Duke University, USA

For contributions to the field of medical imaging through the development of innovative computerized simulation tools widely utilized by the research community.


2007 NPSS Student Paper Awards

Nuclear Science Symposium

Best Papers: Michelle Leber, University of Washington, USA

Paper N42-3, "Background Simulations and Detector Design for the KATRIN Experiment"

  Anton Lechner, Austrian University, Austria

Paper N36-3, "Validation of Geant4 Backscattering Simulation Against Energy and Charge Albedo Measurements"

Runners-up: Sara Vecchior, University of Pisa, Italy

Paper N24-362, "A PET Prototype for 'In-Beam' Monitoring of Proton Therapy"

  Harold Rothfuss, University of Tennessee, USA

Paper N24-196, "Scintillation Kinetics of YSO:Ce"

Medical Imaging Conference

Best Papers: Johannes Fink, Institute of Physics, University of Bonn, Germany

Paper M09-3, "CIX – a Simultaneously Counting and Integrating X-Ray Detector" 

  Martin Judenhofer, University of Tübingen, Germany

Paper M16-5, "Simultaneous Small Animal in Vivo PET//MR Imaging in a 7 Tesla Magnet: First Studies in Oncology and Cardiology"

Runners-up: Peter Olcott, Stanford University, USA

Paper M14-1, "Data acquisition system design for a 1 mm3 resolution PSAPD-based PET system"

  Huini Du, University of California, Davis, USA

Paper M03-3, “A Novel Scintillation Detector Using Decay Time Differences for Continuous Depth-of-Interaction Information”


2007 NPSS Paul Phelps Continuing Education Grants


NSS Recipients: Michelle Leber, Univ. of Washington, USA
Jean-Francois Pratte, Univ de Sherbrooke, Canada
MIC Recipients: Ruben Ter-Antonyan, Duke University, USA
Charalampos Tsoumpas, Imperial College, London, UK


2007 Trainee Grants


Maria E. M. Albarran Univ of Hawaii
Abdelkader Bousselham Univ of Arizona
Brent Buddenn Lousisiana State Univ, USA
Michael Cooney Univ of Hawaii, USA
Xiao Deng Tsinghua, China
Ross Fontenot Univ. of Louisiana, USA
Marat Gataullin California Institute of Technology
Alfred Hathaway North Carolina State University
Herbert Hoedlmoser Univ of Hawaii, USA
Sam Huh Univ. of Michigan, USA
Jason Kamin Stony Brook University
YoungIm Kim Kyungpook National Univ, Korea
Daniel Kramer CERN
Susanne Kuehn Albert-Ludwigs-Univ, Germany
Anton Lechner Austrian Univ, Austria
Rihua Mao California Institute of Technology
Witold Matysiak McMaster Univ, Canada
Jessica Metcalfe University of New Mexico
Kaushal Mishra North Carolina State University
Pedro H. F. Natal da Luz Univ. de Aveiro, Portugal
Laura Nelson The University of Liverpool
Dustin Osborne Univ. of Tennessee, USA
Anastasia Patsouli NTU Athens, Greek
Scott Penfold University of Wollongong
Catherine Pepin Université de Sherbrooke
Lakshal Perera University of Wollongong
Jedediah H. Pixley UC Santa Cruz, USA
Matteo Porro Max Planck Institute, Germany
Gianluca Rinella CERN
Francesco Romano University of Catania, Italy
Jamal Rorie Univesity of Hawaii
Larry Ruckman University of Hawaii
Vasco Sousa Univ of Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Jenny Spiga Univ of Cagliari, Italy
Gloria Spirou McMaster Univ, Canada
Estela Suarez Univ of Geneva, Switzerland
Sara Vecchio Univ of Pisa, Italy
Linghui Wu IHEP, China
Qingguo Xie The University of Chicago
Hao Xu IHEP, China
Kan Yang Univ. of Tennessee
Hoorvash Camilia Yousefzadeh Université de Sherbrooke


Monica Abella Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Hector Alva Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexica, Mexico
Joelle Barral Stanford University
Melanie Bergeron University of Sherbrooke
Anja Borsdorf University of Erlangen, Germany
Si Chen Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Cho UCLA
Sanghee Cho University of Southern California
Reynold Cooper Univeristy of Liverpool
Spencer Cutler Duke University
Frank Dennerlein University of Erlangen & University of Utah
Devakumar Devadhas Christian Medical College, India
Ali Douraghy UCLA
Dirk Ertel University of Erlangen, Germany
Irene Torres Espallardo Technischen Universitat Munchen
Alexander Grint Univeristy of Liverpool
Songxiang Gu Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Xin He Johns Hopkins University
Matthias Hofmann University of Tubingen
Anuj Kapadia Duke University Medical Center
Adam Kesner UCLA
Frances Lau Stanford university
Andre Lehovich University of Massachusetts Medical School
Jean-Daniel Leroux University of Sherbrooke
Zheng Li University of Southern California
Jinxiu Liao University of California, Davis
Gabriela Llosa University of Pisa, Italy
Stephen Lokitz Duke University
Sarah Martin University College London
Daniela Mockel Dresden University of Technology, Germany
Peter Olcott Stanford University
Anders Orbom Lund University, Sweden
Debashish Pal Washington University
Verena Scheel Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen
Sepideh Shokouhi Vanderbilt University
Sara St. James University of California, Davis
Kua-Hao Su National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Tomasz Szczesniak Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Poland
Jing Tang Johns Hopkins University
Cathryn Trott Brigham & Women's Hospital and Havard Medical School
Kathleen Vunckx Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Matthew Walker University of Manchester
Guobao Wang University of California, Davis
Koon-Pong Wong UCLA
Yibao Wu University of California, Davis
Tsutomu Zeniya National Cardiovascular Center Research Institute, Japan